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Sarojini 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bijli kidnapping Sapna’s baby in a basket and handing him over to her aide. Sarojini brings onion and gives it to Nirjhara. Nirjhara sniffs it to Tarika. Tarika wakes up sniffing it and everyone believe she fell unconscious really. Dadaji asks what happened to her. She yells that because of family tension, she fell unconscious.

They all then go into Sapna’s room and see baby missing. Sapna starts crying. Nirjhara angrily looks at Tarika. Sapna and Sarojini then search baby everywhere and don’t find him. They ask neighbors and neighbors say they did not see any baby.

Sapna goes back to Tarika and pleads to return her child. Tarika says she does not know and blames on Sarojini that she did not guard baby well. Orphanage lady comes

with police and baby’s mother and says she got baby’s mother, so needs baby back. Tarika and Bijli ask them to return baby. Sarojini says someone stole baby some time ago. Tarika and Bijli start their drama. Inspector says he will arrest Sarojini for giving surety of baby and orders constable to handcuff her. Dadaji says Sarojini is educated and she will find out baby. Inspector takes Sarojini along and says if they don’t return baby by evening, Sarojini will be sent to Allahbad jail.

Sapna cries that she lost baby because of her carelessness. Dadaji asks Bhaskar to search, but he sits smirking. Sapna says he is also with Tarika and Bijli, so he is quiet. She says she will find out baby and return it to his real mother.

Sarojini in jail reminisces Soumendra’s support and misses him.

Sapna returns back home sadly. Tarika taunts her. Sapna requests her to return back baby and take whatever she needs. Tarika says now she came on track and shows her papers. Sapna asks what are these papers. Tarika says it is a extramarital bond and clearly written that Bijli will bear Bhaskar’s child and will share bed with him and asks Sapna if she accepts it. Sapna says yes and prints thumb impression on paper. Bijli returns baby and Sarojini is released from jail. Baby is returned back to his real mother.

Sapna cries vigorously hugging Sarojini. Sarojini asks where did she get baby. Sapna says there is no point to tell now and says it is up to Tarika now to get baby from wherever she likes and says when her husband is not hers, what she can do now. Sarojini asks not to lose hope and consoles her.

Precap: Samar asks Nirjhara where is Indira. She says she does not know. He asks where is drum in this house. Tarika says Sarojini’s room. Samar drags Indira with him, smirking.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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