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Sarojini 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth asking Daadi about items needed for Soumendra’s marriage. She says 15 saris at least are needed for bride. He asks if they have their marriage saris. Nirjhara says yes and those are the only good saris they got from their parent’s house, else they did not get any good sari after that. He asks them to give their saris to Soumendra’s bride. Daadaji says he is getting soumendra married in a rich house, so he needs silk shirt and dhoti for marriage, else he will not attend. Dushyanth says then he should not come, anyways there must be some to safeguard house.

Soumendra asks tattoo maker to inscribe sarojini’s name on his hand. Tattoo maker says it will be permanent and is painful. Soumendra says it is okay. Tattoo maker starts inscribing

and Soumendra shouts sarojini’s name in pain.

Dushyanth calls jeweller and asks Nirjhara which gold set she liked for Soumendra’s wife. She suggests one. He says it is very costly. She says then why did he ask his opinion. He then lures her with his buttery talks that she looks beautiful even at his age and says agrees for her selected gold set. Jeweller says he will inscribe Soumendra’s name on it.

Sarojini writes her pesonal diary that Soumendra is better than Mayank in some aspects, but she cannot marry him. She then goes to kitchen to prepare breakfast. Maami comes and asks for tea. She serves her tea and asks her to freshen up till she prepares breakfast for her. Mayank enters with news paper and says govt needs BEd teachers, so he wants Sarojini to apply for it. Maami starts praising Mayank and asks if she is not happy. Sarojini says she did not mean that. Maami asks why did not she thank Mayank then.

Nirjhara calls Soumendra and informs him about his marriage and bahu. He says even he has found her bahu and even inscribed her name on his hand. Call disconnects just then.

Sarojini walks out of house talking to her friend over phone when Soumendra comes on his bike and says he was waiting outside her house for 2 hours and now she came. She asks him to stop following her. He says how can he. She asks him to go and die. Soumendra shows upcoming truck and says he will come under it. She says she does not care and will leave. He asks him to watch first and then go. He then comes under truck. She shouts in a shock. People shout that he is dead, but he comes out safely. Truck driver scolds if he is blind. Soumendra says he wanted to show his death to Sarojini, but he applied brake and failed his plan. Driver leaves scolding him. People say he is a mad majnu and disperse. Sarojini asks if he is fine. He says sadly he is. She asks why is he doing this. He says he loves her. She says he just troubles her and says whatever he tries, she cannot think of him. He says she will.

Dushyanth sells old saris and forcefully picks utensils from a vendor. Vendor says he will be in loss, but Dushyanth shoos him away. Nirjhara comes running and says soumendra ha selected a girl himself.

Precap: Soumendra shows Sarojini Mayank’s clip where he confesses that he does not love her and is behind her govt salary. Dushyanth says dadaji if Soumendra marries some other girl, he will bury them both in his compound.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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