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Sarojini 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini slapping Manu and asks how dare she is to trouble a small girl Surbhi and telling she will inform Soumendra. Manu gets afraid and requests not to inform Soumendra. Sarojini says she will not, but will get her out of this house in 2 days. Dushyanth hears their conversation hiding behind door. Sarojini asks him to come out and listen to their conversation openly and says now she has taken oath to send Manu out of this house.

Manu cries in front of Dushyanth that Sarojini will kick her out. Dushyanth sits silently thinking. Dog comes in and bites prasad. Nirjhara shoos away dog and asks Dushyanth what happened to him. Dushyanth breaks things and shouts because of Sarojini, Soumendra and Indira are against him. He spends money on Somendra’s education

like water and did mobile recharges, but Soumendra brought orphan bahu Sarojini home. Sapna says they cannot do anything to Soumendra, but she can tackle Indira. Dushyanth asks her to do whatever she likes.

Sapna tells Bhaskar they have to teach Sarojini a lesson and kick her out of this house. Bhaskar tells she should act as Sarojini kicking her stomach and she getting aborted, then Sarojini will be kicked out of home immediately.

Nirjhara asks Indira why did she insult her father. Indira says she just took path of truth. Sarojini enters and asks Nirjhara how can a mother see her child being tortured since childhood. Indira says Dushyanth his her boss and husband and she cannot oppose him. Sarojini says if a mother loves her child, she will fight whole world for her child. Since her mother cannot protect Indira, Indira herself will have to fight for herself.

Soumendra gets happy seeing Indira playing in hall. Dushyanth enters and says she insulted her in front of whole village yesterday. Tonight guruji will come and do her cleaning and after that, she will be devi again. Villages are born superstitious and will accept Indira back as devi.

Manu with daadi goes to tantrik baba. Baba asks daadi if she wants to control her husband and says her face is glowing even at this age. Daadi gets shy. Manu says daadi’s husband is under her control, she wants to control her husband. Baba says it must be other woman’s problem, its solution is very expensive. Manu says she is more expensive than he can think and asks him to give solution.

Sapna does Indira’s aarti and says Sarojini she will get Indira’s devi’s position back. Indira throws aarti thali and says she is not devi. Dushyanth tries to slap her, but Nirjhara holds his hand.

Precap: Dushyanth tries to slap Nirjhara. Soumendra calls his name and warns not to touch his mother. Sarojini tells Indira she will get her out of problem permanently.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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