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Sarojini 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyaanth telling Sarojini that he pleaded Sangram to explain Manu not to complain against her, but he did not agree and is coming with police to arrest her. He will not let her go to jail do and will try his best.

Sapna carries tea to Manu’s room. Manu comes from behind and frightens her. Tea falls on Sapna’s hand and she writhes in pain. Manu asks why did she try to kill her. Sapna says she wanted Sarojini to go to jail and pleads to forgive her. Manu says she will forgive her but with a condition and explains her plan. Daadi calls Sapna and she goes out.

Dushyanth tells family that people are coming to see Indira. Nirjhara and daadi ask why did he call people when police is coming to arrest Sarojini. Dushyanth says they are very good people

and like Sarojini says, Indira also has right to live like a normal girl. Sarojini says she is not worry about herself and wants Indira settled first. She says she will get Indira ready before boy’s family comes. Dushyanth starts his fake concern for Sarojini.

Sarojini sees Indira sad and asks what happened. Indira says only bad is happening with her, then how can babuji call people togday. Sarojini says nothing bad will happen and asks her to be happy. She gets her ready with jewelry and makeup and says she is ready now and goes to check arrangements. Indira tells Nijrhar they are lucky to have Sarojini in their house.

Manu tells Dushyanth that their plan is working very slowly. Dushyanth says not to worry, soon Sarojini will be in jail and he will bring Manu as bahu with band baja. Sarojini comes there and asks Dushyanth what is he doing here. Dushyanth says he came to plead Manu not to call police, but she is not listening to him. Manu asks them to get out. Dushyanth asks to think calmly. Manu shouts she thought well and asks again to get out. Sarojini says let us forget this and concentrate on Indira’s alliance. Dushyanth smiles at Manu and leaves.

Boy Samar with his family comes. Dushyanth and family greets them in and ask to sit on sofa. samar says he will sit only after elders sit. Dushyanth family gets impressed hearing this. Sarojini serves cool drinks and then with Nirjhara brings Indira. Samar asks her to sit. Dushyanth says this is my daughter Indira and they can question her. Mother asks if she knows cooking. Indira nods yes. Samar asks if she knows to wash clothes, bring groceries, etc., and asks mother is she wants to ask these questions. Mom nods yes. He says he needs a life partner and not servant. He asks Indira if she knows to smile and cry. She says yes. He says he needs a life partner who can share emotions with her and says he is okay with this alliance. Everyone smile.

Precap: Manu asks inspector to arrest Sarojini for shooting her. Sangram says nobody can save Sarojini now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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