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Sarojini 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara sadly telling dadaji about Bhaskar’s plan of renting their house. Dadaji says Bhaskar is a waste body and must be gambling with goons now. He says they should encourage Sarojini. Nirjhara says she is fulfulling Soumendra’s dream. Daadi yells. Dadaji asks her to think good about Sarojini.

Bhaskar calls Samar and says tenant did not come yet. Samar says what can he do, tenant may come late, he should concentrate on how to serve tenant. Bhaskar asks what if tentant does not come. Samar says it is his problem and disconnects call. Bhaskar then starts yelling at Sapna. He then rests on bed and looking at business magazine imagines himself as India’s richest businessman. He enters home wearing suit and Sapna wearing costly sari. Reporters

question him how is he feeling after getting businessman of the year award. He says good and after a few questions ask them to go as he need to rest. Nirjhara then does her aarti and daadi says she is proud of him. He touches daadaji’s feet and dadaji slaps her. He gets out of flashback and yells that even in dreams, Dadaji slapped him.

Nirjhara searches her necklace in cupboard and does not find it. Dadaji and daadi enter in. Daadi says it is abshagun. Dadaji says he knows who stole necklace and calls Bhaskar and Sapna and says he saw Sapna getting out of Nirjhara’s room suspiciously. Sapna denies. Dadaji say he will call police. Sapna agrees and returns necklace. Bhaskar takes her to room and scolds that if she had informed him, he would have planned and got her necklace. She lost opportunity and should take his opinion next time before doing anything.

Sarojini comes home and sees goons gambling with college student. She frightens college student and sends him. Goon taunts her that she should go and cry in front of her husband’s pic. She goes home and picks stick to beat goons. Bhaskar murmurs that if her tenant sees her fighting, he will not come. Daadi also yells, but Sarojini walks out and beats goons. Bhaskar asks her to stop, but she continues beating goon.

Sarojini promotes her serial’s new track and time slot at 6 p.m. from 28th March.

Precap: Goon tries to hit Sarojini asking who will save he now. A man holds stick and says he will save her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. who is d new lead now??
    anyway n whatever …who cares….!!!

    1. The new main lead is Aamir ali

  2. What happend to mohit sehgal

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      He died????

    2. They threw him out of the show.. and he is really upset at them for doing that to him

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