Sarojini 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sarojini 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daadi waking up Tarika that dadaji did not return home. Tarika yells that she wants to play Laila/Majnu even at this age. Sarojini reaches home back wtih Nirjhara and Daadaji. Nirjhara beats Bijli and asks how dare she is to force Sarojini to do mujra and also punish them. Tarika interferes. Sarojini says Bilji tried to kill Dadaji and maa today. She brought a pr*stitute home and is ruining her brother’s family. Tarika says even she did mujra like a pr*stitute today. Sarojini asks if she is comparing her to a pr*stitute and says Bijli will not stay in this house. Bhaskar comes and says let us see who will send Bijli. Dadaji says he has gone mad. Tarika says Bijli will give child and will go and they will not get a good girl for that and will get only pr*stitute.


goes to locker room and tries to steal money. Locker does not open and she comes out. Tarika comes there. Bijli says she is finding mobile network to call her aunt that she is coming back. Tarika says she cannot go. Bijli acts holding her leg to let her go, she cannot tolerate insult everyday. Tarika says she is getting money here at least, so she should stay here.

Sapna tells Sarojini that she is worried for her child that someone may kidnap him. Tarika tells Bhasark and Bijli that they should get baby out of this house and tells them plan. Bhaskar says he will not let bad blood stay in his house. Sarojini continues and tells Sapna that it is sad that Bhaskar is also against her and she should guard child well.

Indira gets into taxi and says Pratapgarh. Driver starts driving and smirks. She says she heard his voice befor. He turns and she is shocked to see Samar. He says she wanted to roam and now he will take her all around city. Indira pleads to let her go. He continues speeding and stops at traiffic jam. She gets out and runs while he continues shouting not to run.

Nirjhara requests Tarika to send Bijli from here and in return she will send adopted child. Tarika acts as falling unconscious. Whole family get busy taking care of her. Bijli silently slips from here, kidnaps child in a basket and leaves. Sarojini passes toards kitchen and senses her, but Nirjhar asks to bring onion soon. Bijli gives child to her aide.

Precap: Orphanage people come to take back child. Sarojini says child is kidnapped today. Inspector says they have to come with him now. Sapna pleads Tarika to return her child. Tarika asks her to sign extramarital bond to share Bhaskar with Bijli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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