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Sarojini 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini telling amma that she forgot that each monster is killed by devi durga. Anmol Babua says enough of her religious stories and says she should continue to wear ghunghat from hereon, else he will destroy her family. Babua then asks her to go to kitchen and milk for Soumendra. Sarojini goes to kitchen. Nirjhara asks what is she doing in kitchen at this time. She says to take milk for Soumendra. Nirjhara gets happy and says she is happy for them. Sarojini thinks she hates Munna. She goes back to Soumendra’s room and gives him milk. Anmol asks her to sit in Munna/Soumendra’s lap and feed him milk. She fumes. He says if she does not, he will destroy her family. She helplessly sits in Soumendra’s lap and gives him milk, yelling in mind

that she has to sit in Munna’s lap to save her family. Soumendra feels sad for Sarojini and thinks she is not doing any sin as she sat in her husband’s lap.

In the morning, Daadi asks Nirjhara if Indira called her. Nirjhara says not yet, if she does not call her by evening, she herself will call her. Sarojini comes with tea wearing pallu, does not find Munna and Anmol and removes her veil. She serves tea to Daadi and Nirjhara and leaves. Amma stops her and asks why is she playing game with her, if she informs Komal, he will punish her. Sarojini asks what is the meaning of hiding one’s face in front of own people, it is justice and she has to oppose it. Nirjhara comes and asks what happened. Amma says she was explaining Sarojini that woman has to hide her face from being married till her death and if a woman tries to be equal to man, she knows what will happen. Nirjhara says it is wrong and not our family culture, so she does not want her bahu to wear pallu. Daadi asks Sarojini why is she not opposing now. Sarojini says she does not oppose unnecessarily and will speak when time comes.

Anmol comes to hall with Munna and tells him that they have to keep this family under their shoes. Munna sees Sarojini without pallu and thinks Anmol will create a scene again. He holds Anmol’s legs and cries that he reminds him of their father. Anmol hugs him and says not to worry, he just has to see Sarojini wear pallu all the time and feel their pressure.

Sarojini cuts her finger while cutting vegetable. Soumendra runs and takes her to wash basin and washes her finger and thinks she will realize one day that he is her Soumendra. She asks what is he doing here. He asks why is she not wearing ghungat/pallu. He asks why is she worried about her. He says bhai will not keep quiet if he sees her without pallu. She says she does not believe in these rituals and he does not have right to act as Soumendra, he cannot even become his shadow, her soumendra was obedient son and husband whom they snatched from her. Soumendra says she is forcing him to confess he is Soumendra. He tells Soumendra had eloped from jail. She tries to leave. He holds her hand. She slaps him and warns not to touch her again, he is Munna and not Soumendra. She thinks whether to wear pallu or not, wears it and leaves.

Anmol sees Sarojini in pallu and says she is just like he wanted and is obeying like sanskari lady. She says she does not have time for his drama. He asks now Soumendra is dead, where she wants to go. Nirjhara comes and asks why is she wearing pallu. Soumendra says he asked her to wear pallu. Nirjhara asks what is meaning of wearing tent on head and it is not their family’s ritual. Soumendra says it is Anmol’s village’s ritual and he does not like woman without pallu, so he ordered Sarojini. Nirjhara asks from when he started believing in all this. He says it is a good ritual. Nirjhara warns that she does not want all this waste rituals in her family and he should not force Sarojini. She removes Sarojini’s pallu and asks Sarojini why is she silent and obeying Soumendra, if she is the same Sarojini who broke all rituals of this house. Sarojini thinks that Sarojini is dead with Soumendra and now she is helpless. Nirjhara scolds Soumendra again. Soumendra says he needs Anmol for his business and for his happiness, let his ritual go for some time. Sarojini thinks why he is reminding her of soumendra, why is he helping her, what if he is her Soumendra. Soumendra thinks he knows what is running in her mind, hope he can hug her like Soumendra. He scolds her and leaves. She thinks he cannot be her Soumendra.

Precap: Sarojini thinks if she wins competition, she can go to Delhi with her family. Nirjhara asks soumendra to accompany Sarojini to the market. Soumendra fights with goons in the market. Sarojini files her nominatino for competition. Anmol’s amma asks if she thinks she will participate in competition.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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