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Sarojini 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode startsw with Mayank stopping bike half way home. Sarojini asks why did he stop here. He starts shouting at her and asks why did she call Soumendra to temple and why did she put garland on him. She says she did not know he would come here. He shouts that she must have asked him to follow her from home. He tries to snatch her phone when people gather around. Police also come and catch Mayank for eve teasing. Mayank says it is their personal issue. Sarojini walks out. Police shoos Mayank and he escapes on bike.

Sarojini reaches home. Soumendra sends his selfie on her mobile. She sees that and says idiot. Maami asks where is Mayank. Maami seees her wrist and asks why is red. sarojini says mayank misbehaved with her in public and he took to temple lying about her BEd pooja,

but he wanted her to perform pooja for their marriage. Mama gets angry on Mayank and calls him home. Mayank says he misbehaved with Sarojini, but she called Soumendra to temple and she even calls him often. Mama checks her mobile and finds Soumendra’s pic in it. He says she hid such a big thing from him and broke his trust. He wants her to stay away from goon Soumendra as he is very dangerous or get married to Mayank. Maami and Mayank smirk hearing that and mayank thanks mama for approving him for Sarojini and tells Sarojini that nobody can stop their marriage now. Sarojini starts crying shockingly.

Nirjhara, Sapna, and Daadi ask Indira to write Soumendra’s dowry list and enter TV, AC, fridge, oven, etc…

Soumendra dreams about marrying Sarojini in temple and falls down from bed. Dushyanth calls him and informs about fixing his marrige with MLA’s daughter and says once he gets degree, after days he will get him married. Soumendra is surprised to hear that. Friend asks what happened to him. Soumendra says his dad has fixed marriage and once he he passes exam, he will have to marry, and if he fails, sarojini will not marry him. Friend asks him to marry his dad’s girl’s choice as Sarojini will not marry him. He challenges that he will make Sarojini fall for him in 1 week.

In the morning, soumendra calls Sarojini when she drops her cousin to school and asks her to meet her right now. She says she cannot. He insists. She agrees to meet at 9:30 a.m. Cousin asks who was that. She says a friend. She then meets Soumendra who gives her flower bouquet and proposes her. She asks if he has gone mad, she will never marry him. he insists. She takes taxi and leaves. He throws bouquet in her taxi and she throws it back on him.

Precap: Soumendra informs Nirjhara that he has selected girl for marriage and is waiting for her approval. He then runs in front of truck. Sarojini is shocked to see that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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