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Sarojini 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Samar warning Sarojini that he will take revenge of his insult by punishing Indira. Sarojini says if anything happens to Indira, he will be behind bars. Samar thinks he will find Indira first via GPS and then confront Sarojini and walks out.

Tarika yells at Sarojini that she insulted jamai and he will punish Indira. Sarojini asks if she did not see how Samar was, she will not send Indira back to that home. Nirjhara says Indira eloped and married Samar and let her suffer. Sarojini asks how can they leave Indira to suffer. Sangeeta/Bijli comments Sarojini that they way Samar held her, looks like he is her old customer and came to take her back. Sarojini slaps her and warns her to keep her kotha/brothel attitude to herself as this is house and not interfere in her

family issues. Bijli tries to revert back, but Sapna holds knife on her neck. Bhaskar and Nirjhara asks to leave her and Nirjhara scolds Tarika that because of her, family members are fighting.

Bijli goes to her room and yells that she will not spare Sarojini. Tarika enters and whatshe will do. Bijli says she likes being touched but not being hit and explains her plan.

Sarojini goes out of house and calls Nirjhara. Bijli’s men kidnap her. Samar reaches Thakur’s (kala teeka) jouse searching Indira via GPS. Indira sees him and thinks she has to inform Sarojini. Sarojini resists and asks kidnappers who are they, where are they taking her. Nirjhara hears her plea on mobile and informs Dadaji. Dadaji says he will go and file police complaint. Tarika with Bijli watches from balcony and tells Bijli now police will easily find out Sarojini and will punish them. Bijli says wait and watch her intelligence.

Sarojini is brought to kotha/brothel and dragged by 2 women in front of their head lady. Lady watches Sarojini carefully and says she is beautiful like moon.

Indira steals someone’s mobile during Thakur’s jagrata pooja andcalls Sarojini, but she does not pick call. Samar passes by but does not notice her. He clashes with Mui maa and shouts at her.

Sarojini is forced to wear pr*stitute’s dress and anklets.

A boy sees Indira struggling to make a phone call and asks if she is not getting network. She says yes. He shows her landline and asks to call from it. Mui maa sees Indira and asks if she is Sarojini’s relative. Indira says yes. Mui maa asks her not to worry, she will help her. Villian lady comes and Mui maa starts acting insane again. Lady scolds Indira and asks to stop roaming aorund house and go and sit in jagrata pooja. Samar reaches Indira and Mui maa starts troubling him to divert his attention.

Brothel head warns Sarojini to wear ghungru/anklets and go in front of clients, else she knows what to do. Sarojini says she will die but will not wear ghungru. Head takes her to next room and shows tied Nirjhara and Dadaji to chair. She picks hunter to lash them. Sarojini pleads not to harm maaji and dadaji, she will do anything. Dadaji asks sarojini not to obey brothel head and let him die. Sarojini takes ghungru and says she will do whatever she says. Brothel head asks to wear it and start dancing.

Sarojini dances in brothel on Mai deewani mastani hogayi…song.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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