Sarojini 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Babua telling Sarojini’s family he will tell truth today. Nirjhara asks what truth. Sarojini gets tensed that Nirjhara will fall ill again if she hears truth. Babua takes out silver coin and says he found it. Sarojini relaxes.

Pandit restarts pooja. Sarojini helplessly sits next to Soumendra. Indira starts aarti with bhajan followed by Soumendra and Sarojini and other family members. Sarojini’s sari catches fire with havan fire. Soumendra sets it off with his bare hands. Sarojini thinks why is he showing concern like Soumendra. Babua watches it keenly.

Indira serves prasad to everyone. Samar comes and asks more prasad. Soumendra comes down and Indira says she prepared his favorite prasad and asks Sarojini to serve him prasad. Sarojini while serving prasad tells him that he will cough like dog now due to allergy. He eats and acts as coughing in front of Babua. He thinks because of babua, he cannot eat his favorite halwa. Indira tells family that she wants to go back with Samar. Samar smirks that his plan worked. Sarojini hugs Indira and prays for her better future.

Sarojini goes and sleeping in her room weeping. Soumendra enters and touches her. She wakes up and slaps him and shouts to stay away from her. Babua while drinking alcohol in his room fumes reminiscing Sarojini insulting his mother and walks into Sarojini’s room. He sees Sarojini slapping and pushing Soumendra/Munna and shouts how dare she is to push his brother and tries to slap her, but Soumendra pushes him and says let him handle her and pulls her hair. Babua orders her to behave like married woman and wear pallu over her head. Sarojini says she will not and it is not their family culture. Mom enters and tells her monster’s story and says monster killed 5 people and he is Anmol Babua. Sarojini says she told her part of story and does not know full story, babua will pay for his sins.

Precap: Sarojini says Munna that he does not have any right to become Soumendra, her Soumendra was an obedient son and husband and they snatched him from her. He says Soumendra had eloped from jail.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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