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Sarojini 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jethi entering into Susie’s room holding knife to kill her. Kali reaches there and asks what is she doing here with knife. Jethi says it is a ritual to keep knife under would be bride’s pillow and scolds her to coming behind her everywhere. Kali thinks Jethi maa is a bad woman and is up to something, she has to stop her from harming didi/Susie.

In the morning, Susie tells Nirjhara that they should inform Dushyanth about Samar. Nirjhara says Dushyanth has to agree to break this alliance as it is Indira’s life’s issue. Indira hears their conversation and thinks nobody can separate her from Samar.

Kali asks Jethi maa when will ramji come. Jethi says she has to be with her and as when Ramji will come, she has to be around. She sends

her to bring lemon water from kitchen. Kali goes and hides behind a wall. Jethi’s maa tantrik comes there and says if she cannot finish her job within time, she should get hair strand or cloth of the woman she is sacrificing. Jethi maa agrees. Kali hears their conversation and thinks Jethi maa wants to harm Sarojini and she has to inform her beforehand.

Sarojini goes to Indira’s room and does not find her. Samar drags Indira with her. Kali tries to stop Samar, but he pushes her and leaves in car. Sarojini reaches there and gets up Kali and asks how did she fall. Kali says dirty uncle pushed her and took Indira didi with him. Biggest issue is Jethi maa is trying to harm her and she saw jethi maa holding knife near her bed. Sarojini asks where did samar take Indira. Kali points direction.

Kali calls Manji maa and informs that Jethi maa is doing dirty work again and she brought her in a big house where marriage is happening, right now she is near some temple. Manjhi says she will come there soon and prays god to protect Kali. Jethi maa comes there and asks whom she was talking and puts her into car dickie.

Sarojini waits for auto at a road. Jethi maa stops car and asks what is she doing here. Sarojini says ‘Indira is missing. Jethi says she saw her going with Samar and she knows where they may have gone. Sarojini asks to take her there and gets into car. She hears kali knocking dickie and asks what is it. Jethi says this is tantrik baba’s car and he may have kept something in dickie, she is just taking lift. She says Samar and Indira must have gone to temple and they should also go there.

Nirjhara searches Indira and Sarojini and gets tensed. Soumendra also comes and says they are not found. Nirjhara prays god to protect both girls and asks Soumendra to take her to temple.

Manjhi maa searches kali and finds kali’s black band on floor. She asks a man if there is a temple nearby. He says there is a kali temple nearby.

Jethi maa brings Sarojini to kali temple and gives her injection. Sarojini falls down and her wig falls apart. Jethi says she is Indian and not foreigner, what to do now. Baba asks her to get Sarojini ready and bring her for sacrifice. Sarojini wakes up and finds herself tied to a chair. She sees Jethi and says she cannot get anything until she is alive. Jethi she is sacrificing her for her son. She plucks Sarojini’s hair and takes bangles and leaves asking servants to get her ready.

TV junior actress Sana Khan dances in front of kali idol on Jai maa kali…song…..Soumendra with Nirjhara travels towards Kali temple on his jeep. Nirjhara prays god to protect both girls. Soumendra asks what happened. She says nothing, she is going to pray kali to protect newly wed girls.

Kali escapes from car dickie. Sarojini is dragged for sacrifice and leaned on a wooden plank. Manjhi maa asks auto driver to speed up as she has to save her daughter. Soumendra and Nirjhara walk towards temple.

Jethi orders her servant to behead Sarojini. Servant raises sword to behead Sarojini when Kali reaches on time and stops sword with trishul. Jethi says she will kill them both now. Soumendra and Nirjhara reach there. Sarojini takes trishul and raises it to kill Jethi but stops. Jethi shouts in fear. Manjhi maa comes and asks how shameless she is and says she will teach her a lesson now. Sarojini thanks Kali and says people call her kala teeka, but they should pray her instead for her goodness. She asks Kali not to leave the path of truth whatever hurdles come. She scolds Jethi for her cruelty and trying to kill an innocent child. She is shame on motherhood, etc.. Soumendra says it is waste to explain this woman. Nirjhara says let us go from here. Sarojini thanks and hugs Kali and leaves with Soumendr and Nirjhara.

Manjhi maa tells Jethi that she did not do right and she should be ready to pay for her sins this time. Jethi looks angrily.

Precap: Servant informs Dushyanth that an imposter took her place. Dushyanth says someone kidnapped his 5000 crore lottery, Susie madam, and he has to find her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I watched this show from day one .. I did lost a bit of interest midway because of Dushyant nasty ways.. it seems to be going great now. I really love this new track and pace. it got me wanting to see new episodes now. I really hope Sarojini wins and her life gets filled with happiness again. She is such a loving , caring , brave woman who fights for rights no matter how rough the journey can be on her.

  2. Plsss where is today update

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