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Sarojini 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra calling Dushyanth and saying while riding his motorcycle, he got a thought why is his father not getting him married yet. Dushyanth says once he gets certificate, he will get him married. Soumendra says he wants mom’s opinion and asks him to call her. Dushyanth says she cannot select sari, how will she select bahu, he will select bahu and her family. He asks him to stop wasting money and cut call now. Soumendra thinks it is just 2.40 min and babuji is scolding him. He then thinks he has already selected Sarojini as his wife.

Dushyanth sees Daadaji massaging daadi’s legs and starts yelling that they have made his house as lover’s park. Nirjhara says daadi served daada her whole life, what is wrong if he is serving daadi once, there is nothing

wrong if husband serves wife. He calls her naagin/snake and continues yelling at her her.

Soumendra disturbs his friend who is busy studying and asks him to tell how to meet Sarojini again and marry her. Friend suggests that a nearby temple is famous for blessing bachelors for marriage. Soumendra says he will go to that temple and pray then.

Soumendra comes to Sarojini’s house and says he wants to perform pooja for her BEd exam in a temple. Maami forces Sarojini to agree and get ready.

Dushyanth calls his whole family and says he got a rich MLA’s daughter’s alliance for Soumendra who will fill his house with money. He gives money to Bhaskar and asks him to bring sweets, saviors, snacks, cool drinks, etc. and asks Nijhara what did she prepare today. She says he gave him 3 potatoes and 2 onions. He yells at her and asks her to prepare chappan bog/feast today and says he will open store room today and they can take anything they like. He takes them to store room and asks them to pick whatever they like in 30 seconds. They start filling utensils and he asks them to stop looting.

Mayank takes Sarojini to a temple and asks her to throw garland on god’s idol and pray for her marriage with him. She says he brought her here to pray for her BEd exam. He says she has to marry him anyways, so it is better for her to pray. She closes her eyes and throws garland towards god’s idol praying she does not want to marry Mayank. Garland falls into Soumendra’s neck. Mayank gets irked seeing that and drags Sarojini from there and forcefully leaves on his bike. Soumendra calls Sarojini. Pandit applies tilak on his forehead and says soon he will marry. Soumendra thinks now he will marry Sarojini for sure.

MLA comes to Dushyanth’s home with alliance and tells dadaji that Dushyanth has given his approval for this marriage and he needs his approval. Dadaji says he is happy about this alliance. MLA asks his man to write Dushyanth’s demands and his family ladies’ demands He says he will give highway land, petrol pump, cold storage factory, etc., as dowry to Soumendra and even will make him MLA. He has only 1 daughter and he can give anything he demands. Dushyanth says whatever he has is his daughter and whatever daughter will have will be his, so he will accept this alliance and asks him to hug. MLA hugs him and everyone congratulate them.

Pandit asks dakshina from Soumendra. soumendra gives him bundles of money and runs towards sarojini. He says mayank forcing her and ask langoor kumar/mayank to stop forcing her. Mayank says it is their personal issue. Soumendra says if he does not leave her hand, he will change his mouth’s shape. Mayank gets afraid and leaves. Soumendra asks him to drop Sarojini home safely, else he will break his bones.

Precap: Mayank asks Mama to check sarojini’s mobile as she is keeping Soumendra pic in it and loves him. Mayank checks mobile, finds Soumendra’s pic and says she broke his trust, so he wants her to marry Mayank.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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