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Sarojini 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Rishab starts talking about how bad a ruined marriage is. they are tensed, as they hear intently. indira is in tears. he says that she should have

the right to decide for herself. granny says that they find everything a joke. he says that he is merely voicing his opinion. she asks him to stay

out of it. dadaji asks her to be police, as rishab isnt indira’s enemy. granny takes indira alongside, and takes her inside the room, while all are

tensed. Meanwhile, bhaskar asks samar, on phone, if anything has happened, and if he has an affair. samar denies and says that this is blwoing

things out of proportion. bhaskar warns him, that sarojini is influencing her to divorce him, and hence asks him to rectify this before

it gets out

of hand. samar is frustrated but complies. after cancelling the call, he is angry that indira blurted everything out, and decides to teach her a


Meanwhile, granny along with sapna and nirjhara, try to convince her, that even if she is right, this isnt the right step, and that she shall ruin

her life. they try to point out as to how divorce isnt in their family culture. but sarojini tries to talk to dadaji, as to what good this marriage

shall do, as she narrates what all indira has been going through. she and rishab try and convince dadaji, that indira has taken this thought after

much deliberation, he is tensed. bhaskar also vehemently tries to convince him of the same, but they should know samar’s opinion too, as he might be

right too. sarojii says that she hopes dadaji shall support her, in how desperate and desolate she is.Just then, the doorbell rings.

Later, Sarojini opens the door, and someone comes in to the house. she is boggled. He starts calling indira, as baby, and storms inside. she comes

out, boggled and confused. he asks her if she talked to her family regarding them, and if she plans to divorce samar. she is shocked and says that

she doesnt know him, and whats he saying. he starts portraying that she neednt hide their love, and that they shall be together. granny asks if this

boy is right. indira vehemently dnies that she ha never met him, and this is samar’s conspiracy. he asks her not to be scared, and says that they

love each other and want to marry, and her family shall support her. sarojini intervenes and says that this cant be and that they trust indira. she

asks if samar sent him, and he says that he wouldnt send him, as he wants to finish this love story. rishab says that they shall call samar so that

they know whats the truth.

After sometime, samar comes and begs for forgiveness, and on his knees, asks her to forgive him. Samar tells her, on her knee, that he loves her too

much. the stranger asks her not to get in his way. indira asks them both to shut up, as they are continuously lying, and that he is a drama queen,

as he is an animal. they are shocked. he ruehs to granny and asks who is she having an affair with. he vehemently says that he cant live without

indira, and asks her to come back. nirjhara and dadaji side with indira, while granny says that she cant understand, who’s lying and who’s not.

sarojini says that she shall say, and then comes in front, and takes dadaji’s walking stick. samar confronts them all, while sarojini and indira eye

him with rage. Sarojini asks indira to show today what a woman is capable of, when she gets to her guts. she says that whatever it was, she bore,

and it might just be against her, but she needs to do it today and vent it all out. rishab too complies. samar wonders what good would she do, as

she only know how to emotionally cry. she gives indira a rod. Indira is about to hit, when granny stops her, asking if sarojini knows what she is

about to do. granny says that their women dont raise hands on the men, and asks indira to apologise if she has done a mistake, and go home with him.

sarojini asks her not to weaken up, and retaliate for what she bore. granny asks her not to instigate indira. dadaji says that they are with her.

the man starts telling indira not to be scared. Indira hits samar profusely, while the man keeps eyeing her to come with him. indira bets him to

pulp with the stick, while the others are aplled. Rishab says that they shall call the police who shall thoroughly investigate everytghing. the man

gets scared and says that he doesnt need samar’s money and hurriedly leaves. rishab turns to samar for an explanation. samar asks what money and

feigns innocence. dadaji takes the rod, and says that he would have been exposed like this only, and what happened was right. she asks him to accept

what he did, or else he wont be alive. finding no other option, he says that he had committed this mistake, and did hurt her, and asks her to come

along now, as he has accepted. Indira tells samar that she shall sent him the divorce papers tomorrow, and asks him to sign it and send them

tomorrow. samar stands shocked and tensed. she asks him to never step foot here again. he resignedly leaves. indira is distraught. dadaji says that

he knew his daughter cant be wrong, and that they should learn to trust indira. granny asks them to let be now, as whats done is done. nirjhara

composes her, and sarojini eyes her relieved.

In the room, rishab asks the lord, when would he solve his problem, now that he has solved indira’s problem. just then, the doorbell rings, and he

thinks its answered immediately, as a slip slides underneath. he finds a thank you note, and that she used the same note taking technique to express

emotions. he too sends out a note, saying that thank you isnt needed, as whenever she needs him, he shall be by her side. she is amused and leaves.

In her room, sarojini comes and tries to console Indira, that she shouldnt be affected by what happened, and move on. indira says that she feels

light too, and that this wouldnt have been possible without her and rishab. sarojini says that they are always by her side. indira says that they

need a person like him, and that she might be free but she is alone still. she says that a life partner, who is right is essential for life. to

avoid it, sarojini hurriedly leaves to get water. indira holds her and asks her why is she avoiding this. sarojini says that there arent any

questions, and everything is clear, and that she shall be able to live her life with soumu. indira says that along with them, he too would be

wanting the same thing. she tells sarojini that she feels that rishab is the right person for her. sarojini begs her not to say so. Indira asks her

not to misunderstand, as she respects her emotions, and asks her to atleast give this relation a chance. sarojini is adamant. indira requests her to

close her eyes, and remember the time, when she was happy, and if she finds rishab there, then there is something that wants her to join with him.

sarojini says that she shall always have soumu in her thoughts. indira begs her to and she complies. as she closes, her life flashes in front of her

eyes, her moments with soumu, which bring a smile on her face, and finally rishab’s thoughts come too and she is startled, and opens her eyes. The

screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Nirjhara says that she only knows that sarojini is like her daughter, and as a mother, she is very happy, that she is getting rishab as a

life partner, and is extremely ecstatic for this new beginning of her life. Rishab proposes to her in front of everyone. sarojini is at a loss of an

answer. granny intervenes. Sarojini is asked by granny if she would marry rishab, soumu’s killer. they are all shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Nice episode .. accha sabak sikhaya uss samar ko.. and show will end on 30 april going to miss….

  2. someone poison this old hag, she is working my last nerve.

    I think it was the aunt that kill Somu not Rishab, he is protecting someone.

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    Yes true… and this truth is going to come out in today or next day episode….

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