Sarojini 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini preparing food for family. Dushyanth tastes it and says food is tasty, but he will not let it be tasty. He signals Nirjhara to act and she shouts in leg pain. Sarojini tries to massage her. Dushyanth acts salt in food and signals Nirjhara again. Nirjhara shouts she does not need Sarojini’s help and pushes her.

Sarojini serves food to family. Nirjhara taunts dadaji to check if food is tasty or not. Dadaji checks sabji and says it is very tasty. She asks to check dal. He checks and says he did not have such a tasty dal in life. Dushyanth and Nirjhara are shocked. Dushyanth asks if dal is salty or not. Sarojini says it was salty, but she removed salt. He asks how. she says with her brain. Dushyanth gets irked that his plan failed. Bhaskar also tastes dal and asks Sapna why can’t she prepare such a tasty dal. Sarojini reminisces how she saw Dushyanth in kitchen in a mirror and realizes something is wrong. She then adds coal in dal to remove salt and then adds water.

Dadaji says Dushyanth he has to give her nek/reward. Dushyanth gives Sarojini 10 rs as nek.

Dushyanth in a room tells his family he does not know how Sarojini removed salt from dal and he had to give her 10 rs nek. Bhaskar says Sangram is repeatedly calling for his daughter’s marriage and they will have to return what they took from him as dowry. Dushyanth yells at him and says he will never let that happen. He asks family to give him an idea. They give different ideas. He says his plan to them and they all smirk.

Dadi scolds Nirjhara for not washing clothes. Nirjhara starts fighting with her. Sapna asks them to shout loudly till Saorjini hears. Sarojini comes out hearing their voice. Sapna says she will wash clothes. Dadi says she cannot as she is pregnant and may have miscarriage. Sarojini says she will wash clothes. Dadi yells at Nirjhara that Sarojini is better than her.

In a room, Dushyanth praises his puppets’ acting and says washing clothes is just an excuse, he has planned something big.

Precap: Bhaskar fixes live electric wire on cloth drying wire and Dushyanth says Sarojini will go to dry clothes, but she will be electrocuted completely.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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