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The episode starts with Manu’s tai coming home with a big suitcase. Servants carry suitcase in with great difficulty. Sarojini stops them and asks what is in suitcase. Manu scolds Sarojini to go in and keeps suitcase in store room and thinks she promise tai to keep this suitcase tonight here.

Tai with Karthik searches Surbhi in a jeep and shows fake concern for Surbhi. A few beggar children request Karthik to give them money and pray for fulfillment of his wish. Karthik gives them money.

Surbhi gets out of suitcase and reminisces how goons kidnapped her and Karthik could not stop goons. She thinks where is she and knocks door.

While drawing rangoli, daadi asks Nirjhara not to worry, Dushyanth will handle Sarojini. Dushyanth enters and gives clothes for Indira.


gets out of store room via window and thinks whose help to take. She sees Sarojini feeding milk. Sapna scolds her that milk is to wash devi’s feet. Sarojini says it is better to feed hungry children than washing someone’s feet. Surbhi moves forward, but Manu kidnaps her again and ties her to chair and ties kerchief on her mouth.

Tai comes home. Manu happily greets her in and says she is married now and become more beautiful. Tai says she is beautiful since childhood. She introduces Karthik and tai to her in-laws. Dushyanth greets tai and asks if she had any trouble reaching here. Tai says she gives trouble and does not take it. Dushyanth says even he gives trouble. Karthik gets his men’s call that they did not find Surbbhi yet and scolds them that Pratapgarh is a small place and they should continue searching her. Sarojini asks him what happened. He says his uncle’s daughter Surbhi is missing and his sources informed that she is in Pratapgarh. Sarojini asks him not to lose hope and be courageous, devi will help him on this auspicious day when Durga killed mahisasur and Ram killed Ravan. Madhu says Karthik not to worry as her papa is a powerhouse here and will find Surbhi. Karthik says he will search Surbhi himself. Soumendra says he will help him. Sarojini says he knows this area well, so he can help Karthik. Dushyanth says Bhaskar will also help him like bajrang bali and says guests are god’s gift for them, athithi devobhava. Manu tells Tai that she tied Surbhi in store room. Tai acts as getting leg sprain and sends Karthik with Bhaskar and Soumendra. Dushyanth thinks he was waiting for Soumendra to get away from Sarojini, now Sarojini is finished.

Manu shows Surbhi to Tai. Tai says this girl is troubling Karthik a lot, now she will free Karthik from Surbhi forever. She asks Manu also not to worry as she will finish Sarojini. She was talking about truth’s win over evil, but she does not know ravan does not die at all.

Soumendra with Karthik and Bhaskar searches a man who kidnapped Surbhi, but villagers don’t identify him. Bhaskar says this man must have given wrong address, but they will find him soon.

Dushyanth tells Indira that she should do Manu’s muh dikhayi in front of villagers today and forget about Sarojini, else he will kill Sarojini.

Sarojini prays god to send Surbhi soon. She sees oil lamp finished and goes to store room to get oil and sees Surbhi tied to a chair there. She frees Surbhi and thinks someone from home must have tied this small girl and reminisces Manu’s drama. She asks Surbhi if she knows who kidnapped her. Surbhi says she can identify face if she sees her.

Sarojini changes Surbhi into sari and takes her out of store room. Surbhi asks if there is something special today. On the other side, tai dorns red chunri on Manu. Manu says today is her muh dikhayi and after today, people will forget Sarojini. Tai asks her not to worry. Nirjhara gets Indira ready and goes to check Surbhi. Indira silently walks out to meet Sarojini. Sarojini asks her to wait for a min, calls Soumendra, but he leaves phone in jeep. Indira says something is happening in this house and continues when they hear loud drum sounds. Nirjhara comes and takes Indira from there. Sarojini SMSes Soumendra to call her soon.

Manu’s muh dikhayi starts. She sits among ladies wearing veil. Indira sits as devi holding trishul. Pandit performs her pooja. Soumendra sees goon whose license Karthik has and runs behind him, but goon escapes. They see someone wearing same kinda red shirt and catch him, but free him seeing his face. Lady asks surbhi to come and join them in devi’s aarti. Sarojini says she is cook’s daughter and sends her to kitchen. Surbhi passes in front of tai, but she is busy over phone and does not notice her. Goon calls tai, but her phone is not reachable. He thinks he has to escape somehow, else Karthik will not spare him. He wears shawl and leaves, but Karthik and Soumendra/Bhaskar see him walking.

Dushyanth tells people that devi will perform Soumendra’s wife’s muh dikhayi and asks Sapna to call her. People ask when did Soumendra’s marriage happen, why did not Dushyanth invite them. Dushyanth says marriage happened in a hurry, but he will throw lavish party. He continues that devi wanted bahu’s muh dikhayi on an auspicious day. Sapna brings Manu. Sarojini feels sad. Sapna then takes Indira towards Manu. Dushyanth asks her to bless bahu. Manu smirks under veil while Sarojini cries. He looks at Sarojiini and thinks she was fly high, today her feathers are cut. Indira reminisces Sarojini encouraging her to not tolerate injustice and oppose it. She ignores Manu, goes and holds Sarojini and says she is Soumendra’s wife Sarojini bhabhi. Manu angrily removes veil. People ask if she bahu, then why she was opposing thakur saheb. She was badmouthing devi, don’t know why thakur saheb made her bahu. Indira says she has to tell something important to everyone and it is she is not devi, just a normal human being like them who has wishes. She is forced to become devi since many years and is confined by her own father thakur Dushyanth singh. She just wants to live like a daughter, but her father is forcing her to become devi. She cries each night, but nobody cares about her tears. She requests all to stop her pooja as she is just a human and wants to live a human life.

Sarojini consoles her and tells people that Indira is not a devi and they should all understand her pain and let her live her life. People ask when she is not devi, why is thakur saheb performing her pooja forcefully. A lady says he has established business here and everyone leaves.

Soumendra and Karthik see people carrying durga idol and pray her to protect Surbhi. They see goon walking between people.

Manu cries vigorously throwing things. Dushyanth asks her not to worry, it all happened because of masterni/Sarojini. She insulted her in front of whole village. Manu says she will kill Sarojini tonight. Dushyanth says if she kills Sarojini, all their problems will be finished. Tai enters and says even Surbbhi is troubling her. Her father is responsible for bhau’s murder and daughter is dancing on her head. Manu says they both will kill Sarojini and Surbhi. Tai says they will tie Surbhi behind ravan idol and set her afire.

Soumendra, Bhaskar and Karthik beat goon and ask to tell where is Surbhi. He says he does not know. Soumendra picks trishul. Goon says he will tell truth and says he left Surbhi in thakur Dushyanth singh’s home.

Sarojini thinks of informing Soumendra and calls him, but vase falls down while she turns. Manu, tai and Dushyanth hear sound and run out. Sarojini runs, but Tai hits her with wooden plank and she falls down unconscious. They then go to store room and Manu says looks like Surbhi eloped. Tai asks her to find Surbhi. Manu stands wearing veil like Sarojini. Surbhi comes near her and she kidnaps Surbhi again. Soumendra and Karthik/Bhaskar rush towards home in jeep.

Tai and Manu take Surbhi and Sarojini in a gunny bag. Daadaji asks what is in gunny bag.. Tai says Manu likes bursting crackers, so she is carrying crackers near ravan idol. Soumendra, Karthik and Bhaskar reach home and search Surbhi, but don’t find her. Karthik asks family where is tai. Dadaji says she went to watch ravan dahan with Manu. Karthik asks Soumendra to take him to the spot fast. Dushyanth also follows them to watch ravan dahan.

Manu frees Sarojini and holds gun on her and starts her dialogues. Tai ties Surbhi to a pole. Sarojini pushes Manu and runs to search Surbhi. Surbhi tries to free herself and calls Karthik for help. Karthik reaches there and calls Surbhi. Surbhi hears his voice and says she knew he would come. Soumendra calls madamji. He sees Sarojini. Karthik also come sand says he did not find Surbhi. They all 3 then search Surbhi. Sarojini reminisces Manu telling they should burn Surbhi with ravan, tells Soumendra and Karthik she knows where Surbhi is and rushes towards ravan idol. Ravan is set afire. They all 3 rush backside and rescue Surbhi on time. Tai gets jealous seeing Surbhi alive. Karthik brings Surbhi among people and asks if she is fine. She hugs him. Commentator says just like this Ram won over evil. Dadaji says today it is proved that evil cannot win goodness at all.

Taiji starts her acting and consoles Surbhi and asks Karthik to bring jeep soon. Bhaskar brings second goon who helped tai. Karthik holds his neck and asks to tell whom he is helping. Goon says he does not know who it it. Karthik beats him and goon agrees that tai asked to kidnap Surbhi. Karthik takes Surbhi from there while Tai runs behind them.

Precap: Sarojini slaps Manu and asks how shameless she is to try to kill a small girl Surbhi. Manu says she will kill even her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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