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Sarojini 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with inspector misbehaving with Sarojini and family and asking them to forget about Soumendra’s accident case. Sarojini says they lost everything and he is trying to mask culprit. He starts shouting and says he will arrest her for alleging police officer. Bhaskar says if culprit is caught, Soumendra will not return back, so it is better to forget this case and not get into trouble. Dadaji scolds him for his cowardness. Inspector continues misbehaving and asks constables to push family out. Sarojini says he called them here. Constables push them out of police station.

A lady constable identifies Dadaji as her grandfather’s friend and asks what is he doing here with family. He tells whole story and tells how inspector told he caught suspected, but later

denied. Constable says inspector is very corrupt and people say he was born from bribe instead of woman. Sarojini says she will confront inspector. Constable stops her and says she will investigate what is happening and will inform them.

Indira tells Samar that she will go to her parent’s house. He says her brother dumped all the work on him and she should also help him in work instead of going out. She feels sad.

Sarojini reaches home and sees goons gambling in front of her home. She scolds goons and shouts not to gamble in front of her house. Goons misbehave with her. Bhaskar says why to get into trouble, let them play Sarojini says she wll call police. Goon says he himself will call police and tell them how Bhaskar also plays with them. Bhaskar forcefully takes Sarojini in. Goon taunts that she should go and cry in front of her husband’s pic and request him to come back and help her.

Sarojini goes home and cries in front of Soumendra’s pic. Nirjhara consoles her.

Sarojini goes to govt office for school’s permission. Officer says he will not sign without bribe. She says she is opening a charity school in her dead husband’s name, so will not pay bribe. He says file will not move without bribe. She challenges that she will open school within 3 months.

Sarojini promotes new leap and time slot at 6 p.m. from 28th March.

Precap: Sarojini cries in market. Children ask her not to cry and believe in god. They gave her flowers. She asks who gave them. They say uncle saw her crying and gave flowers to give it to her. She searches man and sees him leaving in car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Well this is one show that I will stop watching. Dushyant , Mannu , Taarka and now Somendra are out ? Now you want sarojini be a man.. Like really ???? Are you writers stupid ??? It makes NO SENSE…

  2. stupid serial

  3. Where is 25th March 2016 written update?

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