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Sarojini 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth briging saris for all family ladies and asking them not to open their mouth again till 6 months. He hands over them saris and asks them not to brush it too much as they have to use it till 6 months. Bahu asks why did he bring same saris for all 3 of them as they feel like living in ashram and even saris get exchanged. He says it is good, they will live united like siblings. Wife tries to speak, but he shouts and makes her mum. He then gives powder and lipstick to bahu and asks her not to smear it to her so and waste it. He then gives only bindi to her wie and says she has gone old adn does not need makeup. Daughter comes out. He says she needs peace of mind, so he bought her bell to use while prayers and asks her to just pray and not think of wordly pleasures.

She sadly walks from there. He then searches his father. Bahu taunts mom and grandmom that she is tolerating wearing same sari, but new bahu will not.

Sarojini goes to police station and complains inspector against Suminder that he eve teases her and other college girl. Inspector says he will catch Sumider red handed.

A farmer pleads Dushyanth to give him debt as he wants to send his son for higher studies. Dushyanth orders him to let his son work i farms like him as only his family has right to study and prosper in their village.

Sarojini reaches college campus with police and Mayank and don’t find Suminder. Inspector boasts that he must have eloped seeing him and asks Mayank to slap Suminder if he sees him. Mayank asks how can he slap him. Inspector scolds that because of people like him, goons like Suminder prosper. Once inspector leaves Mayank yells that she is dragging him into unecessary trouble as he does not want to fight with goons. Suminder enters with his goons on bikes just then.

Dushyanth gets post from Delhi in English. He calls his daugther Indira and asks her to read it. she says she does not know English as he let her study only till 5th and English is started after 7th. Grandpa taunts that he is so cunning that he does not want to spend on education of his daughter. Dushyanth says it is waste of money and anyways Suminder is studying from their family.

Suminder teases Sarojini again and taunts that her boyfriend is incompetent to protect her and is a waste body. He challenges her that he will make her fall in love.

Dushyanth leaves for Delhi to meet Suminder and warns wife not to overuse groceries and power in his absence, else he will peel her skin like potato skin. Dushyanth’s dad angrily cruses him that he is a rakshas and god should send someone soon to teach him a lesson. Suminder is seeing holding Saroini, rescuing her from falling.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think iss show ko slowly slowly viewers mill jaayege aagey jaa kar story interesting hoti jaayegi .

  2. I think both sarojini and somender will fall in love .
    it is interesting and romantic story.
    i liked it.

  3. Luv u mohit????

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