Sarojini 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara telling Sarojini that now Soumendra is back, she should get mangalsutra and sindhoor from Soumendra. Sarojini asks Soumendra to give them to her, she will wear them. Soumendra thinks she will not wear mangalsutra from Munna. Munna’s mom comes and dorns mangalsutra in Sarojini’s neck and drops sindhoor. Sarojini touches Nirjhara’s feet with Munna and sindhoor sticks on her forehead. Nirjhara says even fate wants her to apply sindhoor. Once Nirjhara leaves, soumendra calls her madamji. Sarojini says only Soumendra has right to call her madamji. He says he is soumendra, then says he is acting as Soumendra, so she has to thinking him as her husband.

Indira calls Samar and asks him to come home soon for pooja. She thinks today she will

go with Samar to his home.

Munna’s mom comes to Nirjhara’s room, sees her ironing saris, and says even she likes pressed saris. She says she will press her sari. Nirjhara says she is guest, so she will. Mom in lieu of keeping Nirjhara’s saris in cupboard steals sari and silver coin kept for pooja. Sarojini brings tea. Mom says she needs lemon in tea. Sarojini then goes to Babua’s room and sees him sleeping. She sees gun under pillow and picks it. He with closed eyes asks her to keep it back and says he is alert even sleep and pushes her. Soumendra comes and shouts she will be punished if she tires to be oversmart.

Sarojini goes to Nirjhara’s room and sees her searching something. Nirjhara says her green sari and pooja’s silver coin missing. Sarojini says it must be somewhere around. Pooja starts. Pandit asks Sarojini to sit next to Soumendra. She says she will not sit next to Munna, but sits helplessly on Nirjhara’s insistence. Pandit asks silver coin. Nirjhara opens box and sees it missing. Sarojini says she will get coin and takes dog along. Dog sniffs Nirjhara’s cupboard and then takes Sarojini to Munna’s mom’s room. Munna’s mom just then keeps coin in cupboard. Saroji says she needs to check her cupboard. Mom shouts. Sarojini forcefully checks cupboard and finds Nirjhara’s sari. She asks where did she keep coin. Mom starts crying that she is calling her thief. Babua reaches and says this houseis his mom’s, then why will she steal and says he will kick whole family out now. Sarojini gets tensed that Nirjhara will fall ill if she hears all this drama and keeps quiet.

Precap: Sarojini’s sari burns and Soumendra tries to set off fire with bare hands. Babua keenly watches it. Sarojini thinks why is he concerned like Soumendra, there is something missing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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