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Sarojini 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara dropping shagun thali by mistake. Daadi shouts it is a big abshagun. Dushyanth says there is nothing like shagun and abshagun and asks Sapna to go and clean floor. Nirjhara gets tensed.

Indira’s sangeet ceremony starts with everyone dancing. Samar comes in car. Dushyanth and Soumendra greet him. Samar’s parents come next in auto. Soumendra asks Samar why did his parents come in auto when he came in car. Samar says his parents wanted their bahu’s gift to go in car , so they themselves came in auto. Soumendra gets suspicious.

Dushyanth takes Samar in and sits on sofa with him. Samar sees Susie and asks who is she. Dushyanth says she is his would-be bahu. Samar gives bouquet to Indira and Susie.

Jethi maa from Kaali

serial enters Dushyanth’s home with kaali. Daadi asks who is she. She says she is a barber. Daadi says where is her old barber. Jethi maa says she is on leave.

Rakhi sawant’s dance performance starts and she dances on dilwalon ka dil ka karar lootne….song.. and then hua chokra jawan re…song. Sarojini goes towards kitchen and keeps he chunri aside. Samar comes and takes chunri away. He then tries to kiss her and and says he liked her London face, pointing finger at her. She twists his finger and says he will get pain if he misbehaves again. She then thinks this boy is not good for Indira, she has to warn them.

Rakhi sawant’s dance continues on Hua chokra jawan re…song..

Kali drops water on Samar’s shoes by mistake. Samar scolds her and shouts that these shoes are more costlier than her and orders to clean shoes. Kali is about to wipe his shoes when Susie comes and holds her hand. Samar leaves angrily. Kali hugs and thanks her. She asks if she did not apply kala tika. Susie asks what is that and if she also applied it. Kali says she is kala tika for everyone.

Daadi takes Jethi maa to kitchen and asks her to grind uptan/turmeric paste.

Sarojini informs Indira about Samar’s behavior. Indira says she trusts Samar and he is a good man. Just then, Jethi maa brings uptan. Kali comes and throws uptan and asks where is ramji in this house. Jeti maa tries to slap her. Sarojini rescues Kali and asks Jeti maa to get fresh uptan.

Susie goes to her room and removes wig. Kali comes and says hair over hair. Susie gets tensed seeing her and asks to close door soon. Kali closes door. Susie asks if she thinking she is bad. Kali says she knows that she must be hiding truth for good. Susie asks what is her name. She says she is kali, kala tika. Susie feels sad for her and says she should not say like that and asks her to go and play outside now. Kali leaves.

Susie goes to Nirjhara and says they have to stop Indira’s marriage as Samar is not a good man. Nirjhara asks what happened. Susie tells all the incidents from him entering into Indira’s room wearing burqa, tying her hands, sending revealing outfits and asking to send selfies wearing them, trying to kiss Susie and flirting with her. Nirjhara is shocked to hear that.

Jethi maa does black magic on bridal dress and thinks if susie picks dress from thali, thali will burn. Susie comes there. Jethi maa says daadi has sent a bridal dress for her and asks to check it. Susie lifts dress and thali catches fire. She returns thali and backs off. Jethi maa drops thali and says this is a big abshagun.

Susie tries to explain Indira again that Samar is a bad man. Indira says she should see samar from her eyes, Samar is a very good man, she will not listen to her this time.

Jethi maa holding knife comes to Susie’s room at midnight and sees her and Indira sleeping on bed. Kali wakes up and thinks ramji did not come even till now, she will ask Jethi maa to take her back home. Jethi maa thinks whom to kill between Susie and Indira. She does akkad bakkad bambe bo.. and selects Susie/sarojini.

Precap: Jethi maa takes Sarojini to sacrifice in front of kali maa idol. Sarojini shouts for help.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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