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Sarojini 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth forcing Nirjhara, daadi, and Sapna to stand on 1 leg chanting surya namaskar on his guru’s insistence. He says their sin pot is filled and will break now, so he is making them do sura jap/pooja. He asks Bhaskar to not let them until they chant 1200 mantras. Sapna says she is feeling dizzy. He says nobody should stop pooja and walks from there.

Sarojini is busy morning pooja with his cousin when Soumendra calls her and insists to meet him. She hesitantly agrees walks out with her purse saying her cousin that she is going to buy recharge.

Daadi stumbles and falls during pooja, staning on one leg. Bhaskar helps her and asks her to stand again. Dushyanth comes back yelling and asks her to start again. Daadi says she cannot. Bhaskar says they performed

just 120 mantras. Dusyanth says they have to perform pooja daily until they finish 1200 mantras.

Soumendra takes Sarojini on his bike. Mama comes home and asks his son about sarojini. Son says didi went to buy recharge. He thinks where did she go in the early morning and goes to search Sarojini on his scooter.

Soumendra says she looked more happy when he broke her engagement with Mayank. Sarojini says she did not and asks what does he need. He says he loves her. She tries to walk out, but he holds her hand and she stops. He says even she likes him, so she stopped. He makes her sit on his bike and gifts her S locket and trishul, then shows paper rocket and says it is their love’s first gift. She reminisces paper rocket falling on her once. He says though he may fail in exams, but in love exam he will pass with 100% marks. She says she cannot accept his gift. He says she cannot go like this. She asks him to let her go and takes gift box. He says he will drop her home and walks behind her on his bike. She stops taxi and gets into it. He says he will follow her on his bike and starts following looking at her face. She sees mama coming towards her and gets tensed that he may scold her if he sees her with Soumendra. Just when mama comes near, Soumendra downs his helmet glass and Sarojini hides. Maama passes by without noticing them and she relaxes.

Mayank’s mom tells Mayank that Sarojini may not marry him whatever he tries. He gets angry and says he will not let go golden egg laying hen/sarojini so easily and will force her to marry him. He will go to any extent and will even attack Soumendra from behind.

Daadi writhes in leg pain. Nirjhara gives her warm cloth massage. Daadi comes and says he heard Dushyanth troubled her. Daadi says her leg has swollen after standing on 1 leg. He takes warm cloth from Nirjhara and massages daadi’s knee and says if she wants, he will give police complaint against Dushyanth. Daadi asks him not to as she cannot see her son in trouble.

Soumendra follows Sarojini till home and says she will have to meet him tomorrow again, else he will come to her home directly. Sarojini enters home. Mama asks where was she. She says to recharge. He says he enquired shopkeeper and he said she did not come. She says just when she reached shop, she met her friend and got busy talking to her. He asks her to go and rest. Maami says there is something wrong and she will get her married to Mayank as soon as possible.

Precap: In temple, Mayank asks Sarojini to close her eyes and throw garland on shiv idol. She throws and it falls into Soumendra’s neck. Mayank gets angry seeing that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode somendra is much better than that mayank

    1. Anyone is better than Mayank!

  2. Good going Soumendra, when is Sarojini going to start being nicer. Yes, she was happy when the engagement was called off.

  3. Yeah I know that well BTW sarojni already started liking somendra soon she will realize

  4. Why are they showing that stalking and pressurizing a girl is a way of love. Irrespective of whether somendra has good intentions and mayank has bad, both are forcing her to act according to their wish instead of winning her heart and letting her to do things on her will.

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