Sarojini 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra telling Dushyanth that Sarojini will not give agni pariksha and nobody will force her. Daadi gets afraid and says nobody will force Sarojini and asks Soumendra to go to his room. Soumendra asks Sarojini to go to her room and leaves towards his room.

Dushyanth in his room yells that Sarojini has trapped Soumendra completely and beats himself. Nirjhara asks why is he beating himself. He says she will not tolerate his beating, so he is beating himself and yells that she gave birth to a disobedient son.

Sapna tries to get intimate with Bhaskar, but he runs from there thinking of Dushyanth’s scoldings and says he will meet her in spring season. She sadly asks when will spring season come.

Dushyanth calls whole family and says Nirjhara will

walk on burning coal to get rid of her sins. Sarojini says maaji did not do any sin. Dushyanth says exactly, she did sin instead and since Nirjhara gave birth to disobedient Soumendra, she has to walk on burning coal. Soumendra asks her not to walk on burning coal. Dushyanth shouts if she does not, she will get another sin and shouts. Nirjhara afraidly raises her leg to step on coal when Sarojini holds her leg and says she will walk on it. Soumendra asks not to. Sarojini says she will to show Dushyanth that he is under superstition trap. She walks on burning coal easily closing her eyes.

Daadi calls Sarojini devi and touches her feet and apologizes for troubling her. Sarojini says she is not a devi and just used science and explains fire will burn skin only if it is in contact for more than 3 min. Daadi changes tone and says she cannot be devi as she is impure. Sarojini says she is a human and wants them to realize that they are also to become human. Bhaskar asks if she means amma is dayan, babuji is rakshas and sapna is chudail. Soumendra asks him to behave with his wife and says family nobody will force Sarojini for pariksha again. Indira says She did right by proving her point, else she is tired of becoming devi all the time. Daaji praises Sarojini for proving her point and says soon family will also understand.

Dushyanth in his room yells that Sarojini is defeating her repeatedly. Sangram calls him and asks about Soumendra and his daughter manisha’s marriage preparations and if marriage will happen on fixed date. Dushyanth says he wil get manisha as his bahu with a lavish ceremony and band baja. Sangram says he is relieved hearing him and disconnects call. Bhaskar informs him that Sarojini is going out with her purse and may go and complain police against them. Dushyanth stops Sarojini and asks where is she going. She says she is going to buy groceries. Dushyanth says he will give her groceries. nirjhara asks if he will really. He says yes, else villagers will come know that she is Soumendra’s wife and news will reach Sangram Singh.

Precap: Nirjhara acts as having leg pain. Sarojini gets busy serving her when Dushyanth adds salt in her prepared dishes and praises daadi and nirjhara that they did good drama. Dadaji hears their conversation and thinks they are planning something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hell with this show n their so rituals they are husband n wife i dont see helping one another is a crime but it look like every things people do india is a crime so not reality

  2. This show was good some time ago but now it is going downhill day by day.

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