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The episode starts with Dushyanth calling Sangram Singth and informing that Manu came out of coma but has lost her memory. She may identify her father, so he should come here. Bhaskar comes and says they should get Sarojini arrested. Dushyanth scolds him and asks to get out from there.

Manu cries that she is having leg pain and asks Sarojini to press her legs. Sarojini does. Mau asks her to press her hands also. Soumendra comes there. Manu asks him to come in. Sarojini asks if he does not want to meet his friend. He says yes, he just came to inform her and leaves. Manu then asks Sarojini to massage her head.

Dadaji tells Daadi that Manu will be fine. Daadi asks when. Sarojini comes and says doc told she will be fine over time. Nirjhara comes and asks Sarojini if she does

not want to perform chatt pooja. Daadaji says one has to prepare own food and not hear anyone’s sound while having it alone. Sarojini says she will meet Soumendra first and then will perform rituals.

Sarojini goes to meet Soumendra. He sees her coming and hides behind window. She comes in and he frightens here. She gets afraid. He says he was joking. Their romantic nok jhok starts. She then asks him to rest while she goes and finish her food.

Sapna carries france smoke to whole house. Manu comes there and says she identified her. Sapna nervously asks who is she. Manu says yamraj ki beti/Yamraj’s daughter.

Nirjhara gathers food on table for pooja and tells Sarojini its importance that is performed by even gods for prosperity. Sarojini says she is also keeping fast. Daadi asks what is the need for her fast when only one person needs to fast. Soumendra asks in which book it is written and says chatt pooja fasting is very tough, so its responsibility is given to one family member and whoever believes in it can fast. Daadi stands silently.

Inspector comes with Sangram and tells Dushyanth that since Manu is out of coma he came to take her statement and arrest Sarojini. Dushyanth says today is chatt pooja and he can question Manu some other day and gets in.

Sarojini tells Nirjhara let us take Manu also to ghat and with god’s grace, she may regain her memory. Dushyanth says she is a big fool and if Manu regains her memory, she will go to jail. Sarojini says she is not afraid of jail, she just wants Manu to get well soon. Daadi let her go to jail. Dushyanth asks her what will she do if someone points gun at dadaji. Daadi says she will protect him. Dushyanth says Sarojini did same, she shot Manu to save Soumendra. He is taking her side as she saved his heir and will not let her go to jail. Sangram enters and says she will have to go jail for shooting his daughter.

Manu enters and asks what bullet he is talking about. Sangram happily tries to hug her. She asks him to move away as he is a bad man. Sangram says inspector came to take her statement and asks who shot her. She points at Sarojini and then points at Sapna and says she shot her and even has a gun. Inspector says she is not in a condition to give statement. Manu holds his collar. Inspector runs from there. Sarojini asks if she will come to ghat with them for chatt pooja. Manu happily nods yes.

Precap: Near lake Manu asks Sapna if she knows to swim. Sapna says no. Manu pushes her into lake saying it is for trying to kill her with toxic spray and shouts that yamraj ki beti fell in water.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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