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Sarojini 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daadi badmouthing Sarojini that she is abshagun and disaster to their family. Earlier Dushyanth, then Tarika, then Soumendra went from their lives because of Sarojini. She will destroy this whole family. Sarojini starts crying. Dadaji scolds Daadimaa to shut her mouth.

Sarojini goes to her room and cries reminiscing Soumendra. She looks at Soumendra’s last video recording in which he wishes her happy birthday and expresses his love for her. She continues crying.

In the morning, daadi’s relative ladies come to meet her and says they are sad to hear about Soumendra’s death. They start how will Sarojini live alone in this tender age. Daadi yells if they came to console her or sarojini. They say they got a marriage proposal for Sarojini.

Sarojini comes and says she does not want to give Soumendra’s place to anyone else. Dadaji says she has a long life ahead and should think of a life partner. She says Soumendra’s dreams and memories are enough for her and she will not marry anyone. Inspector calls her and informs that he caught a suspect in Soumendra’s accident case. She informs everyone. Daadi says even she wants to see who is the culprit. Ladies comment that culprit escapes in these kind of cases. Sarojini says she will not let culprit free easily.

Inspector tells culprit’s lawyer that case has become strong against his client as victim’s family is pestering to find culprit. Sarojini reaches police station with daada, daadi, and Bhaskar. Bhaskar tells Sarojini he will not spare culprit easily and put him behind bars. Dadaji asks Sarojini to be careful as victim is very rich. Inspector deals with culprit’s lawyer and leaves culprit taking bribe. Sarojini and family enters inspector’s cabin. Inspector shouts who let them in and scolds constable. Sarojini says he called them and asks where is culprit. Inspector says he was a suspect, so he let him go. She asks how can he tell that. He says a hotel manager around that area did not find culprit, so he let him free. Sarojini says culprit must be rich and he has taken bribe from culprit. Inspector shouts that he will put her behind bars for alleging police officer and asks constables to shoo them out. Bhaskar says he is doing wrong. Inspector pushes them out. Sarojini says she will not keep quiet.

Precap: Sarojini goes to govt office to take school’s permission. Officer asks bribe and says he will not pass file without bribe and she can complain anyone. She says she will open school at any cost without paying bribe.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wat rubbish
    Plz bring soumendra back
    His the main lead
    Why kill him ??????

  2. Please bring back somendra, first dushyant then, Manu now somendra. Is sarojini going to leave soon too?

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