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Sarojini 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Sarojini coming in college, meets her friends in corridor and asks them to find the class and other details of Somendra so that she can complain to chief dean. Somendra shows waving at her. She ignores and walks away with friends. Her two male friends enquire Somendra to show his identity card. He shows id card of two different colleges. The puzzled boys ask how can he have id cards of two colleges? Somendra tells them to show their id in return then shoos them threatening.
Dushyanth was combing hair while in mirror he sees Indira trying to get out of house. He stops her asking where is she going. She replies that she wants to see the groom’s procession. Dushyanth says that she is a goddess so can’t roam like normal woman and scolds other ladies to keep eye on her.

They tries to take Indira inside but she gets violent and throws a jug to her father. His leg gets hurt. Indira’s brother comes and scooping her up forcefully takes to her room. Dushyanth orders his DIL to give Indira injection. After she does so Indira falls asleep and her father orders all to apologise to Goddess by touching her feet. They leave Indira’s room doing so and Dushyanth himself also asks Indira to forgive him.
Sarojini’s friend shows her pic of the dress she’s going to wear for teacher’s training. Sarojini likes the dress while Somendra interrupts them. He starts teasing Sarojini and says either she’ll have to leave the college or accept defeat in front of all. Sarojini says she’s not afraid of him.
While in Pratapgarh, Dushyanth’s wife is applying somemedicine on his feet. He says all his children are useless leaving Somendra. He adds that’s why he loves him so much and making him educated. Somendra meets Mayank outside and asks him Sarojini’s name and his relationship with her. He says he’s her fiance. Somendra taunts him saying he’ll have fun with her then dump her. Meanwhile Saro comes and tells Mayank not to argue with a goon. Somendra says he was advising her boyfriend to keep his property safe. Sarojini asks Mayank to start his bike and get away. Mayank kicks bike but it refuses to start. Everyone laughs around them. Somendra taunts him again saying a weak-legged man like him can’t start bike if it was him then he could start it in just one kick. Saro tells Mayank to try once more. Somendra bets that he can prove what he said else he’ll leave Sarojini forever, would never see her again in life. He challenges Mayank but he denies to take challenge. Sarojini insists to prove what Somendra said. Somendra rides on bike and start it in one go. Everyone cheers him. Sarojini looks disgusted. Somendra says she is fighting with tiger and friending a fox being a tigress herself. After Mayank and Saro goes away, Somendra says his father used to say it right that enemity and friendship both should be done in same status only.
Reaching home Mayank asks Saro if she thinks he’s not a powerful man because he couldn’t start bike. Sarojini says she doesn’t think like that. Saro comes home angrily. Mayank looks tensed n Mama asks what’s wrong. He says a goon is behind Saro and she is rather provoking him. Maami panics and scolds Saro. Mayank says if Saro gets married with him soon then everything will be fine. Maami agress with him but Maama denies. He, however, supports his niece and tells they should inform police. Mayank thinks if he refuses to go to police station n leave Saro alone she’ll think again that he’s a coward. So, he says he will accompany her to police station. Maama feels proud for Sarojini n says her mom used to be brave like her as well.
Sarojini thinks next day Somendra will be benind bars…

Precap: Dushynath is giving same colored sari to all the ladies. His DIL compalins that he’s again same colored sari to them and they’ll be confused. He says thus way there will be no diversity at home.

Update Credit to: BlackSwan

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