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Sarojini 23rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhaskar telling Sarojini and Sapna that he will drop back the child from where it came. Sapna says he is her child now and she will not part ways. Sangeeta asks her also to go with child. Sarojini asks her not to intserfere in family issues. Bhaskar shouts at Sarojini not to interfere between him and his wife and says Sangeeta is also his wife and she will give him child. Sarojini asks how can he betray his wife. Dadaji enters and says he should accept child and respect Sapna. Sangeeta and Bhaskar continue their drama.

Indira wakes up at midnight and hears lady’s shout from locked room. She peeps in and sees lady inside and thinks Samar has become even more dangerous and has locked a lady in. She sees main door locked, goes back and sleep on bed thinking

of eloping in the morning.

Sarojini asks Nirjhara if she is still angry. Nirjhara says she thought she is intelligent and can handle all problems, but she proved her wrong. She continues scolding Sarojini. Sarojini get sad. Sangeeta comes and says Bhaskhar is hers now and she should stop interfering now. Sarojini gets even more sad.

Samar ties Nirjhara to a chair and goes out. She frees herself and hides near door. He comes in and happily says he came back. Idira runs out. She sees 3 men searching a woman and hides in their car’s dickie. Samar picks his gun and warns Indira to come out, sees door open and fumes in anger.

Dadaji asks Sarojini if she fed baby. She says yes. He asks why is she sad. She says when her dear ones are anger on her, how can she be happy. He asks what happened. Just then, they hear bullet sound, walk out and see Samar with gun. He asks where is Indira. Nirjhara says she must be at his home. He say she eloped from his house and asks to call her. Sarojini says he must have forced her to elope. He points gun on her and says she forced Indira to elope and says until Indira comes back he will keep her hostage. Dadaji brings gun and points at Samar and asks to leave Sarojini. He says he will not. Sapna hits his hand with wooden plank and he drops gun. Sarojini picks gun and removes bullet magazine. Dadaji asks him to get out, else he will beat him with gun butt. Samar says he will punish Indira now and they will see wounds on her body. Sarojini warns she will get him behind bars if Indira gets even a scratch.

Precap: Tarika kidnaps Daadi and daadi and forces Sarojini to do mujra in Sangeeta’s kotha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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