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Sarojini 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts Daadi locking locker room and walking towards Dushyanth’s room to inform him about Nirjhara’s carelessness. Soumendra peeps out of window to call Susie. Daadi is about to open door when Susie comes and asks what is she doing. Daadi asks what is she doing at this time. Susie says she was going for a morning walk. Daadi leaves. Soumendra makes cock sound (kukdukuuuu). Susie sees him and gets him and Nirjhara out of room.

In the morning, Dushyanth opens locker room and sees a coin on floor. He shouts and gathers whole family and asks who came in here. Daadi says she saw door open, so he should ask Nirjhara. Dushyanth yells she was dancing after a peg yesterday, now she will get beatings from slipper. He continues yelling.

Dushyanth says he clicks

pics of each item from his mind and will easily catch if something is missing. Nirjhara prays god to save Soumendra and Nirjhara. Dushyanth opens locker and checks note. Soumendra asks Nirjhara to do something. Nirjhara shouts she remembers now. Dushyanth asks why is she shouting. Nirjhara says he took out property documents from locker and must have dropped coin, else who will dare to enter this room. Dushyanth locks locker and says she is right, who will dare to enter this room.

In the morning, Daadi orders Sapna and Bhaskar to decorate house fast. Susie comes and hugs Soumendra tightly. Bhaskar says this is India, she cannot hug before marriage. They both continue hugging. Daadi asks to go and get ready for haldi ceremony.

Dushyanth thinks he will not let Susie’s haldi happen before she gives money. Indira is brought down. Susie comes wearing ghagra choli. Sapna praises her. Dushyanth calls Susie to a room and asks if she will give cheque. She says cash and shows money bag. Bhaskar picks it. Dushyanth starts praising her and says their relatives will be happy seeing her modesty. He asks Bhaskar to check notes are fake notes are circulating in market. Bhaskar checks notes and says these smell like cattleshed money, which they brought from Yadav’s chattleshed. Dushyanth scolds how can it happen, he has cow dung in his head. Bhaskar asks to check himself. Just then, air blows from window and money flies. Dushyanth and Bhaskar get busy picking money. Susie silently sprays perfume on money. Dushyanth smells and says money has Susie’s foreign smell and asks Susie to go and join marriage rituals.

Samar gets into car and asks his parents to come walking as it is good for their health. He calls auto and leaves in car.

Precap: Rakhi sawant dances on dilwalon ke dil ka karaar loot during sangeet ceremony.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. That Samar seems to be a terror. I hope Indira doesn’t end up marrying him.

  2. I think samar is psycho

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