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Sarojini 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu trying to lure Soumendra with a romantic song.. He ignores her and leaves. She sees Sarojini missing and realizes that Soumendra tricked her to break lock and sent Sarojini out. She calls Dushyanth to inform that Sarojini has escaped, but he sees her number and disconnects call.

Nirjhara holds Sarojini’s hand and says she will not let her ruin her husband’s plan. Sarojini says she will stop his superstition for sure and not let Dushyanth loot innocent people. If she tries to stop her, she will inform people that she is her bahu. Nirjhara leaves her but follows with Daadi.

Sarojini addresses people to stop praying Indira as she is a human a not devi, else her legs would not have been injured. Bhaskar asks Dushyanth to do something, else people

will throw stones on them instead of jewelry and money. Dushyanth tells people that this lady is an atheist and is insulting our devi and belief. People stone pelt and insult Sarojini. Dushyanth asks them to stop violence in front of devi andtakes them all. Nirjhara says she warned her not to go against her husband, but she did and got injured. She should go home and apply medicine now. Sarojini thinks she will end this superstition at any cost and leaves for home.

Sarojini reaches home. Manu taunts her that people didn’t listen to her and instead injured her. Soumendra sees her injured and gets concerned. Dadaji also joins Soumendra.

Bhaskar and Dushyanth frigten people that they have made sins and should donate gold and diamond to clean themselves. Dushyanth removes his gold chain and keeps it in front of Indira’s feet followed by his family. Peoplle keep their jewelry and money next. Bhaskar asks why did he ask family to sacrifice their jewelry. Dushyanth says it is an investment.

Manu changes Sarojini’s haldi paste. Sarojini applies it on wound and writhes in pain. Manu laughs. Sarojini twists her hand and asks if she loves troubling people. Manu says she loves troubling only her and tries to slap Sarojini. Soumendra comes and holds her hand. She asks to not interfere between her and her sautan. Soumendra says he has already. Manu tries to pick her gun. Sarojini snatches it and points it on Manu. Soumendra says Manu is shivering in fear now. Dushyanth enters with family, snatches gun from Sarojini and yells at her that she is behind him and his bahu and asks to get out from his eyesight right now..

Precap: Sarojini promotes navratri special episodes where she exposes Dushyanth’s plans and breaks superstitions created by hhim.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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