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Sarojini 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth yelling on Bhaskar. He then goes to room. Nirjhara asks when did he come. Dushyanth yells at her also and leaves. Nirjhara thinks how did he come back so soon.

Soumendra feeds milk to cat and tells his plan to get 20 lakhs. Susie asks how did he get this idea. He says he is with babuji since childhood.

Indira wears Samar’s gifted revealing nightie and feels shy. She remembers Samar asking to send her selfie in nightie and tries but gets shy. She wears dupatta and sends selfie. Samar calls back and scolds her to send proper selfie in nightie.

Dushyanth goes back to room inebriated. Nirjhara asks if she should get food here. He scolds her to massage legs and sleeps. She silently takes locker keys from his pajama, but he holds hand in sleep. She gets tensed. Soumendra who is watching this from window signals her to tickle him. She tickles with her pallu. He wakes up and shouts at Bhaskar to take out gun, thief has come. He walks out and comes back thinking he is very inebriated today. He sees Nirjhara on floor and asks what is she doing. She shows alcohol bottle. He asks if she is drinking alcohol and increasing his expenses. She says she got cold, she thought of drinking a peg. He forcefully makes her drink.

Nirjhara gets romantic after a peg and walks towards him. He says she became romantic after drinking alcohol. She starts dancing sensuously on Mai teri dushman…song.. and takes out key from his pajama. He also dances with her and falls asleep on bed.

Sarojini tells Soumendra they should get maaji out of room as she is inebriated. Nirjhara comes out with key and says her brain is working very sharp today.

Soumendra takes keys and they both walk into locker room. Soumendra exchanges real note bundles with fake note bundles and keeps a few real one on top to stop Dushyanth from doubting anyone. Daadi passes by, sees door open and locked it thinking Nirjhara is careless and she should inform Dushyanth. Soumendra peeps from window and panics seeing daadi walking towards Dushyanth’s room.

Precap: Dushyanth asks family who came into locker room, and nobody accepts, he will punish whole family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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