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Sarojini 22nd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra entering Sarojini’s house wearing bandages all over her body with police and alleging that Mayank tried to kill him. Police arrests Mayank. Maama says this boy came as census officer some time ago. Soumendra starts acting and asks inspector to take Mayank away, else he will break his legs again. Police drags Mayank with them. Soumendra then smiles at Sarojini and leaves.

Mayank’s mom pleads maami to save her son. Maami asks Sarojini if she brought Soumendra here. Sarojini says she did not. She drags Sarojini into room, locks it, and strangulates Sarojini’s neck. She asks if it was her plan to call Soumendra here and is she planning to elope with him. Sarojini says she did not call him. Maama knocks door and takes Sarojini out. Maami

yells that she betrayed them and is conspiring. Maama says he will go to police station and complain against Soumendra.

At police station, Mayank tells inspector that Soumendra is lying and does not have any evidence except his friend. Soumendra says he will get 1000s of evidences with money, then starts crying seeing inspector and says Mayank should not be spared. Inspector asks him to go now. Sarojini with mama, mami, and mayank’s mom reach police station and asks Soumendra to take back his complaint. Soumendra says he will not. Maama says Soumendra is lying and is behind Sarojini. Soumendra says Mayank attacked him when he reached his home and will go to jail for 6 months. Sarojini takes him to the corner and requests him to spare Mayank. He agrees and asks inspector to free mayank.

Maama says he will complain against Soumendra though and asks Sarojini to tell what did soumendra do. Soumendra says he has not yet taken his complaint back. Mayank asks maama to forgive soumendra. Inspector says now she realized it is a love triangle problem and asks them all to go. She asks Sarojini to choose her husband wisely and not marry mayank in a hurry. She warns mayank’s mom if her son makes mistake again, he will go to jail for sure.

Once coming out of police station, Mayank says Sarojini they should get engaged again. Maama asks if he is mad and says as per panditji muhurat is gone now and they will have to wait for 15 days.

Dushyanth enjoys massage by his servant, yelling at him. His guru calls him and asks why did he call him. Dushyanth says his family trying to make him poor, one is having anemia, another is having illness, he has to get Soumendra’s marriage also. Guru says he has negativity in house because of women and asks him to order women to perform surya jap/pooja daily. He calls Nijhara. she comes with daadi and sapna. He says she has negativity on his face and asks her to perform surya jap with daadi and sapna daily hereon.

Sarojini writes praises about Soumendra in her personal diary, reminisces his drama, and writes he is good at heart and not like mayank who insults women. She is confused what to do.

Precap: Soumendra calls Sarojini over phone and asks her to meet him. She resists at first, but agrees and leaves house. Maama asks his son about sarojini and he says didi went out. Mama sees Sarojini in car and Soumendra in bike. Nijhara, Sapna, and Daadi perform surya jap by standing on 1 feet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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