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Scene 1:
Location: Temple
Indira comes and meets the priest and enquires about what should she do in terms of holy rituals to be able to get her husband’s love and trust. the priest tells her of some puja, and some traditional rituals that she needs to do, and then her marital life shall be smooth and freely sailing. she is elated and begins to leave, when he stops her back for the arti. she happily complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Indira’s residence
Indira arrives home feeling happy, and elated, oblivious of the physical proximity between her husband and the maid, in her bedroom. she walks in on them, and finding them in such a compromising position, her entire world shatters. the maid composes herself and leaves. he stands up and reprimands her for walking in unannounced,

and how she got in. she says that she too has a key and how she doesnt need permission to enter her own room. she asks him why the infidelity, and he defiantly walks out, saying that he doesnt owe her an explanation. she is aghast.

Later, she again tries to ask him, why he did. he shows her the maid’s pic, and then asks her to compare for herself, if her beauty stands anywhere in front of the maid. he insults her terribly, while she stands humiliated and distraught. then the maid comes and tells him that she doesnt like the fights everyday, and taking his hand, takes her out, before they both explain it to indira, that they are not stripping her from being a wife, but just that they have some equation of their own too. she is disgusted as they walk off merrily.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Granny explains everything to sarojini, behind rishab’s charade, but she is uable to believe that her own family could be a part of this plan. she says that when the doctor comes, they shall know for sure. Later the doctor, comes and after inspecting him, he tells them that he is severely sick, and needs to be taken care of, while he remains on bed rest. they are shocked. granny is shocked, while sarojini stands tensed. he prescribes some meds, and dadaji goes onto leave him.

Outside, dadaji thanks the doctor for playing along, and also instructs him to maintain this again if need be. the doctor happily complies and then leaves.

Inside, sarojini is tensed, when they all start pretending as if they are least bothered for his health, and how they dont have time to attend to him. she silently leave for the kitchen, while all anticipate her next move. they all hope that their plan comes to a success. granny however is sure that something is wrong.

Later, sarojini comes with soup, while he pretends not to even have the strength to pick up the soup. she finally resigedly gets to feeding him. he takes the first sip, and starts coughing terribly, and demands for water, and hurriedly grabs the glass. granny sees this from a distance, and remembers how she had laced it deliberately with chilli, so that he can expose hismelf. but having this cuter romantic moment, with sarojini, he continues eating on the soup, while she feeds him. he thanks her for her concern, while she asks him not to look much into it, as she did it out of humanity, and that she has no other intentions whatsoever. she leaves. he hurriedly gets up, and leave to the kitchen for drinking water. Granny sees rishab drinking chilled water from the fridge. she decides to tell this fake news to sarojini. she laves. dadaji sees her, and warns rishab and they rush to the room. meanwhile, granny finds sarojini and tells what she saw. they come to the kitchen to find it empty. they are boggled. she then thinks that rishab is highly mischievous. she grabs her and takes her to rishab’s room, so that they can see, that he is not in the bed. but to her surprise, she finds him there and asks how did he land here. he says that he is feeling more sick, and thinks that the doctor needs to be called again. granny asks him to accept that he was in the kitchen drinking cold water. he says that he wishes he could walk. sarojini is tensed and boggled. dadaji too vehemtnyl says that he is very sick. sarojini asks her not to bother and takes her out. Inside, rishab gets up and thanks dadaji, and then thinks that this isnt helping much, while dadaji asks him to be patient. sarojini suddenly enters back, and rishab hurriedly falls down yet again on the bed. the rest of the family comes too. she takes the thermometer to check his body temp, and when despite their efforts, when she finds it normal, she understands his game. she reprimands him and asks him to get lost. they all own up saying that they were the one who embroiled him in this plan. sarojini is aghast, and asks why. they tell her, how she needs a partner to get through the later walks of life. she says that she doesnt wish to hear anything and asks him to get lost. he gets up to go, finally, but nirjhara stops saying that he wont go anywhere and if he goes, then she shall go too, and not stay here. sarojini is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The next morning, at the dining table, much to granny’s frustration and sarojini’s bogglement, they all carry SORRY placards and sing in to her, asking to be forgiven for what they did. she finally cheers up and is amused, at their childish innocence and says that she cant be mad at her family for long, and she forgives them all. then she turns to rishab and says that she cant forgive him though. he gets tensed. all others are nervous too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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