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Sarojini 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara pushing Sarojini into pond and running towards home. Indira tells Dushyanth and Daadi that she is worried about bhabi/Sarojini and amma/Nirjhara as they have not return from temple yet. Daadi says they will come back. Nijhara comes running and says Sarojini fell into river. Dushyanth smirks at first and then shows fake concern and Daadi starts drama. Daadaji asks them to stop crying and try to save her. Dushyanth asks Bhaskar to bring rope and net. Daadji hopes nothing happens to her. Soumendra asks what happened. Daadi says Sarojini fell in pond. Soumendra gets concerned and says he will save sarojini. Dushyanth holds him.
Sarojini comes home and everyone are shocked to see her. Soumendra asks how did she fell into pond. Nirjhara gets afraid that

she will reveal that she pushed Sarojini into pond. Sarojini says when she was performing pooja, she slipped and fell. He asks how saved her. She says she knows swimming. Nirjhara relaxes. Soumendra tries to touch her. She says they cannot see each other until she performs rituals, else it is abshagun/inauspicious. She asks him to go and rest as he is still unwell. Soumendra leaves towards his room.

Sarojini cries reminiscing Nirjhara pushing her into pond. Mama calls her just then and asks how is she. She says she is fine and sneezes. He asks what happened to her. She says it is dusty here. He blesses her and disconnects call. She then sees her inner soul which suggests her to leave this place as soumendra’s family will never accept her and will kill her, if Soumendra truly loves her, he will find her somehow.

Nirjhara while preparing food feels guilty for pushing Sarojini into pond. Daadi comes and asks what happened to her. She says if Soumendra would have died, she would have felt guilty. Daadi asks if she pushed sarojini into pond. She nervously denies and says they are troubling Sarojini too much.

Indira sees Soumendra angry on Sarojini and says bhabhi is working hard to complete rituals, she was shivering after bath and with difficulty prepared prasad, then why is he angry on her. He says he is concerned for her, so he is angry on her. He removes blanket from suitcase and asks Indira to give this and medicine to Sarojini. Indira smiles and says he and sarojini are same and are made for each other.

Dushyanth scolds Nijhara that she did not do her work properly. She asks what she can do if Sarojini knows swimming and says they are troubling Sarojini too much. He says Sarojini is ruining Soumendra’s life and they should get her out of his life soon.

Precap: Dushyanth sees Soumendra and Sarojini together and scolds that they finished their suhagraat before performing rituals. Soumendra says he is thinking wrong. Dushyanth says they should give agni pariksha then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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