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Sarojini 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth challening Sarojini to prove that Indira is not a devi. Sarojini says she will before this navratri ends. Nirjhara sees the situation worsening and asks people to come in the evening as pooja time is finished now. Dushyanth even asks pandits to come in the evening. Dushyanth says people are praying Indira since childhood and she fulfills their wishes, even Sapna got pregnant with her blessings. Sarojini looks at Sapna and sapna gets nervous. Nirjhara asks Sarojini to apologize devi now and perform remaining pooja. Sarojini says she will not follow their superstitions and leaves from there.

Nirjhara takes Indira to her room. Indira says she is very hungry and needs food. Nirjhara asks her to wait till evening and have kheer poori bhog. Indira says she

does not need kheer poori and holds her stomach due to hunger. Sarojini enters and gives her fruits to eat. Manu sees that, holds her hand, and drags her down and tells family that Sarojini was trying to feed devi in jealousy as she prayed devi to unite her and her husband. Family starts yelling at Sarojini. Dushyanth gets a plan and asks sarojini to go and prepare food for Indira. Sarojini happy gets into kitchen. Dushyanth says family to bring Indira out in 10 min and meet him in village.

Dushyanth and family take Indira’s procession like a devi and announce whoever gifts gold and diamonds to devi will be rewarded 10 times.

Sarojini comes back to Indira’s room with food and sees room empty. Manu comes and asks to give her food instead as Indira is not here. Sarojini informs Soumendra and asks his help to save Indira from these superstitions. He sees main door locked, gets an idea and taunts Manu that she just holds gun and cannot shoot anything. She asks what to shoot. He asks to shoot water pot and she shoots. He asks to shoot lock and says it is not easy. She shoots it and asks if they can go for a movie now. He says yes and signals Sarojini to go. She leaves silently.

Sarojini searches whole village and sees Dushyanth and family taking Indira’s procession on a street and ordering people to gift devi with gold and diamond for 10 times reward. She thinks she has to stop this by mingling with them and joins them wearing pallu/veil on her face. She sees a lady with toddler going to add gold necklace in gift box, stops her and asks her reason. Lady says her son is very ill and medical treatment did not work on him, so people suggested if she gifts jewelry to devi, her son will be alright. Sarojini explains her that it is superstition and her son needs proper medical treatment and prayers. Dushyanth asks lady to add her gift. Lady says this woman explained her well and she will get her son treated in Pratapgarh than doing this superstition and leaves from there. Dushyanth signals Nirjhara to check who is this lady. Nirjhara is shocked to see Sarojini.

/Precap: Sarojini promotes navratri special. She asks people if Indira is devi, then why are her feet injured.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ha,ha,ha Aweasome episode i like that sorojini is so inteligent and tallented precap is so interesting:-):-PB-)

  2. Hope DADJI will help SAROJNI expose those thieves

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