Sarojini 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra buying flower bouquet for Sarojini and thinking this will be sarojini’s best birthday. He looks at pendrive and says Sarojini will like his recorded message.

Sarojini sees temple lamp blowing off and holds hands around it. She gets tensed that something bad will happen. Family signals dadaji to take Sarojini out for 2 hours at least till they finish decoration and arrangements. Dadaji coughs and asks Sarojini to take her to doc. Sarojini leaves home with him. Family then decorates house for birthday party. Samar gets jealous and thinks family is treating Sarojini like a queen, he will spoil birthday party. Nirjhara brings cake and Samar bursts balloon. Nirjhara drops cake and says it is a big abshagun.

Sarojini comes back with Dadaji. Everyone say surprise… and wishes her happy birthday day. Sarojini says this is the best birthday surprise she has ever got. Nirjhara asks her to call Soumendra and ask him to get cake. Sarojini calls Soumendra and asks when is he coming to watch match. He says in some time. She says he gave her good surprise and asks her to bring cake. He asks what flavor she needs. She tells flavor. He starts driving car to get cake.

Each family member starts dancing on songs. Sarojini calls Soumendra and asks him to bring cake soon. He speeds up car, sees car in opposite direction and crashes car to a tree. Sarojini waits for him and gets a call. She picks it thinking hit is Soumendra, but someone informs that Soumendra met with an accident. Whole family rushes to the accident spot and get Soumendra out of car. They make him sleep on Sarojini’s lap. Sarojini cries holding him. Injured Soumendra asks Sarojini to take care of his family when he goes. She asks him not to say that. He asks family to consider sarojini as their son. He says Sarojini that he loves her a lot and says bid adeau. Whole family shouts Soumendra…with camera focusing on each of them.

Nirjhara and Sarojini promote new time slot change at 6 p.m. from 28th March.

Precap: Family mourns Soumendra’s death. Daadi says even after 3 months, Sarojini is not wearing white sari. Dadaji says he asked her not to wear white sari.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This is un fair sorijini has no husband in this show from the start end this serial .she was a man in the beginning of the show now she permanently has to become one bull shit.

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wat nonsense is this man??? Flip man.stupid writers….should have just ended series with bithday n child.happy viewers n Pretty Sarojini n Somo saw Dusyant in Dilwale! Zee does not like happy couples…angry n frustrating.

  3. Never liked this show. Too many foolish tracks. Sarojini is a darling.

  4. WTF???!!!! How cud sarojini die y writers y jus wen things started 2 get interestn …………… ;'( :'( boooo hoooo


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