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Sarojini 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Suminder eveteasing Sarojini by throwing a paper rocket on her. She confronts him and scolds that he is so ugly that no girl will look at him. He says he is waiting for a right girl. She asks him to mend himself, else she will blacken his face along with other girls. He continues misbehaving. She says she will bring police. A friend asks Sarojini to forget it as Suminder is very shameless creature. Sumiinder says he will not eve tease any girl as she will be his girlfriend now. she asks him to see his face first. He challenges her that he will force her to love him and then he will ditch her. She challenges again that she will blacken his face in front of everyone. He accepts her challenge and she leaves. He tells his friends that she is of his type, very sharp. He

then sees goon students snatching dupatta from a girl and confronts them and get back dupatta. Girl thanks him.

Suminder gets mobile recharge from his father and thinks of calling his father dushyanth. Dushyanth is busy collecting interest from a farmer. He sees 100 rs interest missing and kicks farmer. Farmer pleads that he will repay him next harvesting season. Dushyanth snatches his marriage watch and warns if he does not repay interest properly next, he will sell his kidney. Farmer apologizes and leaves. Suminder calls him and says thank you. Illiterate Dushyanth asks him not to irritate him and cuts call.

Dushyanth’s wife tries to vomit unsuccessfully. Mother-in-law (MIL) mistakes her as pregnant and taunts that her daughter-in-law is still not pregnant, but she is. Wife says she is trying to vomit dog bitten roti. MIL says if she vomits, Dushyanth will make her eat that. Father-in-law (FIL) says she is acting as if she is a new family member. she says babaji told to feed black dog to lengthen husband’s life.

Sarojini waits for bus. Her boyfriend Mayank comes there and Sarojini’s friends tell him about Sarojini confronting goons. He asks her to come with him. She says she has to go home and cook food, else maami will not spare her. He calls maami and takes permission. Maama asks who was it. She says mayank is taking Sarojini somewhere. Maama says mayank is being too lenient. Maami says he loves Sarojini and orphan Sarojini is lucky to get such a good life partner.

Dushyanth orders his goons to beat servants until they open up who stole saw dust. At last, one servant agrees that he stole but for his elder son. Dushyanth starts beating his elder son with slipper. Daugher-in-law sees that and requests grandma to save her husband. Grandma says her husband must have made a mistake, so dushyanth is beating her, women should never interfere in men’s issues, and asks her to lock her into room until her husband comes out. Son say Dushyanth that he hit him just for stealing saw dust to buy tea, but he is showering money on Suminder. Dushyanth says Suminder is a lotus and he is dirt around it, so not to compare himself to Suminder.

Suminder sees Sarojini with Mayaank in market and yells at her that she is rejecting him, but dating another boy. He will not let that happen.

Precap: Dushyanth stops his mom from taking extra grocery and yells at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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