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Sarojini 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tarika showing water mug to Bhaskar. Bhaskar asks what is this. She says he should drown and die in this water mug instead of getting insulted of being childless. Bhaskar says he told already that he loves only Sapna. She says he can keep Sangeeta as his muse and once getting children from her can think of marrying her, anways many people have even 5 wives. Sapna enters and Tarika walks out. Sapna asks what did bua say. He says as usual trying to convince him. Tarika goes out and tells Sangeeta that she created confusion in Bhaskar’s mind and it is her turn now to lure him.

Samar does Indira’s vastra haran and like a vamp laughs that he will not spare her today and will do vastra haran whole night. She falls down unconscious and he laughs more.


goes to Sangeeta and tries to speak. She offers him alcohol. He says he does not drink. She says she likes smell of alcohol and lures him with her sensuous moves. He falls for her and spends night with her after getting heavily inebriated.

Indira wakes up and asks Samar why is he torturing her. He says it is her punishment for calling her family here. She thinks Sarojini was right, she should not have trusted Samar.

Sarojini goes to Sapna’s room and says she is with her and nobody can harm her. Sapna says her husband is enough for her and she does not need anyone’s help. Sarojini sadly walks out. Sapna comes out and sees Bhaskar sleeping shirtless on his cot. She finds Sangeeta’s earring on cot. She starts crying, throws water on Bhaskar and once he wakes up asks how can he do this to her under Tarika’s illusion. He says Tarika is right, Sangeeta will give him child and will go from here. Sapna angrily walks into kitchen and pours kerosene on herself and tries to burn herself. Sarojini stops her. Tarika shouts and Sapna says she will burn everyone along with them.

Sarojini takes Sapna to her room and consoles her. Tarika comes with Bhaskar and asks him to file police complaint against Sapna that she tried to suicide, then she will be in jail. Sarojini says whoever forces to suicide will be punished more and Tarika with her puppets will go to jail first. Tarika fumes and continues shouting.

Precap: Sarojini brings a baby home and says it is Bhaskar and Sapna’s child. Bhaskar says he will not accept any garbage. Nirjhara says Sarojini is wrong this time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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