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Sarojini 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth asking Susie if she will marry Soumendra. Susie says yes and asks if he has any problem with it. He says no, he will get her and Soumendra’s haldi along with Indira’s haldi.

Indira reads Samar’s letter and gets shy. Samar calls her and asks to meet him tonight. She says after haldi, it is abshagun if bride and groom meet, so they will meet only after marriage. Samar looks at his chest with Indira’s named carved with knife on it and thinks she is in his body now, then how can she not meet him.

Soumendra and Sarojini’s haldi starts. Sapna tells Susie that she wanted devrani like her and Indira asks Soumendra how can he betray Sarojini bhabhi and marry Susie. Indira tries to explain her, but she continues and runs towards her room. Susie says she will console her and walks into her room. Indira asks why did she come here. Sarojini after unsuccessful attempts removes her wig. Indira happily hugs her.

Dushyanth tells Susie that he follows all rituals during marriage and his villagers are orthodox and still expect dowry, she should give 20 lakhs as shagun/dowry before haldi. Susie gets tensed. Soumendra hears that and even he gets tensed. Soumendra tells Susie not to worry, he will do something.

Indira’s haldi starts. Samar sends shagun. Everyone insists Indira to open and check. Susie says it is Indira’s personal gift and she should check it in her room. Guests insist. Sapna opens box and they are all shocked to see revealing nighties and lingerie, etc. Indira gets very embarrassed.

Precap: Soumendra and Nirjhara steal money from Dushyanth’s safe. Daadi sees room open and locks it from outside.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow somini get married again. I miss Manu for her funny tactics hope she returns in a positive avatar and make somini love stronger and teach dushyanth a lesson. Dushyanth’s acting is awesome. He did a fabulous job at Dilwale

  2. Really we will miss manu ‘s dialogue ye kaun bola. …..

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