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The episode starts with Soumendra coming to Sarojini’s house disguised as census officer and after hearing about her engagement warning maami and Mayank’s mom not to get her engaged today, else her fiance will be in trouble. Mayank’s mom gets tensed. He leaves and calls Sarojini from outside. She asks how dare he is to come to her home like this. He says he wanted her reply about his shayari/poem, but is surprised that she is getting engaged to langoor kumar/Mayank. He asks her to meet her right away, else he will come back again.

Sarojini tries to walk out of house when maami stops her and ask where is she going. She says she had recharged internet, but it is not active yet. Maami asks her to go after sometime. Sarojini inists and leaves to meet Soumendra. Soumendra

is waiting for her on his bike and gets happy seeing her coming. She asks why did he come to his home disguised. He says he would have come without disguise, but didn’t thinking her family would trouble her. He says he knows she does not like langoor kumar but is marrying him on family’s insistence. He reminds her of his love for her and warns if she marries langoor, he will not spare them both.

Dushyanth slips and falls while trying to beat Bhaskar and gets his back injured. Daadaji says he told Dushyanth not to do more sin, else he will repent. Daadi says why did he curse his son. Bhaskar says he asked dad to not exert himself and beat him slowly, but he did not listen and with his aggressiveness slipped and fell. dushyanth asks him phone to call Soumendra.

Soumendra asks his roommate to give an idea how to stop Sarojini’s engagement. He asks him not to disturb him as he is studying. Soumendra gets Dushyanth’s call but ignores and continues to pester friend. Friend slaps him angrily. Soumendra says he gave him a good idea and asks him to beat him more.

Maami asks Sarojini to get ready for engagement. Sarojini says she does not want to marry Mayank. Maama asks maami not to force sarojini as she does not love mayank. Maami yells that she loved maama after married and even had children, even sarojini will start loving mayank after marriage. She taunts mama that mayank looks better than him and asks sarojini if she wants to marry someone. Sarojini continues pleading. Maami warns her to get ready and come down, else she will burn whole house. She drags mama from there.

Sarojini’s engagement starts. Pandit asks maami to bring sarojini. Maami goes and sees Sarojini in a bridal attire, butters her with praises and brings her down for engagement. She forces Sarojini to sit next to Mayank. Pandit starts chanting mantra. Soumendra’s friend enters with police and points at mayank. Inspector holds mayank’s collar. Mom asks what did her son do. Inspector says her son tried to kill an innocent man. Mayank says he did not do anything. Mom says her son will not do anything wrong and asks what proof she has. Inspector says she walks with proof always and asks friend to bring proof. Soumendra enters writhing in pain with bandage all over his body.

Precap: Maami tortures Sarojini and asks if she called Mayank. Dushyanth asks Nijhara to start pooja from tomorrow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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