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Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
While all are tensed, the aunt tries to explain to granny as to what rishab told her. granny is furious. the aunt says that she is extremely apologetic for what rishab did, and she had no idea he would do it, but she thinks its a nice idea. granny and others are shocked. the aunt says that her initial recation was the same, but on deliberation, she didnt find anything wrong, and if this happens, the reputation and the name of the families can be salvaged, and the insults can be stopped. granny asks her to stop her convincing talks, as they cant even that, and asks them to get lost. he trioes to speak, but granny is furious and asks them to get lost before she loses her temper. dadaji asks her to cool down, as she is being rude to them. but she is

in a rage. the aunt asks her not to take stress as they shall leave. all are tensed.

In the room, the aunt thinks that they shall have to find a way to talk about the marriage somehow, or else he would blurt out the truth. she is reminded of his promise, but thinks that she just cant trust him anymore, and hence she needs a backup plan, so that she can achieve what she wants. she gets a callf rom an employee,. asking her to come down to lucknow for some legal issue in the company. she complies. she then calls rishab to come straight to the room for something urgent. he complies and comes. she informs that she needs to go to lucknow urgently, and he has two days, to complete his task of getting sarojini and her family, to agree for the marriage and if that doesnt happen, then they both shall leave. he says that his staying here is imp, as if he leaves, the women front might attack sarojini again, and he cant allow that to happen to any cost, and hence asks her to leave alone. she pretends to be angry. she asks him to do whetaver he wants, as he wont listen to her anyways. he leaves. she eyes him evilly.

DOwnstairs, all discuss the pros and cons of the situation. indira talks about how sarojini must be feeling. bhaskar asks if they even bother to think of the insults he has to face when he goes to the market. the wife says that if sarojini marries rishab, then everyone would be silenced. he gets to thinking, that he shall benefit professionally from this relationship, and get rid of sarojini too, and changes his stance and complies to her marriage with rishab. rishab comes and says that the fact they didnt throw him out yet means that they arent that mad and assures that he always wanted nice and happy life for sarojini. he says that his intention wasnt wrong, and he wants to keep her happy, and that nothing shall change after marriage. he says that he wanted to say this to her, but she wouldnt take it nicely now, and begs them to make her understand. he asks dadaji that if he feels he did something wrong, then on his order, he shall silently leave the house, without any questions. dadaji is speechless. Bhaskar agrees to rishab’s proposal, saying that he thinks its right that she marries rishab. indira says that this can be her new start to life. Nirjhara says that she too doesnt have a problem if sarojini is happy. rishab stands tensedly. dadaji says that he shall talk to sarojini, and whatever she decides, shall be final, but as far as his opinion is concerned, he too feels this is the right option. eyeing them from a distance, granny says that she too shall see how they all get sarojini convinced. she says that she wouldnt allow this marriage to happen at any cost.

Later, rishab asks them to go and talk to sarojini. dadaji and nirjhara are tensed as to who shall bell the cat, as they both find it awkward to present this. rishab happily waits. both dadaji and nirjhara try to put the other person up, and get them to be convinced to go and talk to sarojini. rishab and bhaskar are frustrated. rishab begs them to go. rishab, and bhaskar hide behind the pillar, as sarojini steps down. she finds dadaji and nirjhara standing tensed. she asks whats the matter. they deny, and then say that they just wanted to know if she is okay. she asks them not to worry, as she is fine, and she just went to the kitchen to make food. the others signal them from behind to speak up, but she is gone by then to the kitchen. rishab comes and reprimands dadaji as to why he didnt talk. they stand embarassed. sapna presents a filmy and heroic style of getting sarojini to agree. but rishab says that he doesnt want her to agree by co-ercion. seeing granny coming back, dadaji starts coughing fervently. she hurriedly leaves to get cough medicine. dadaji says that he was pretending only. this gives rishab an idea, and he explains it to all of them.

Scene 2:
Location: Indira’s residence
Indira calls the priest, and asks him to come home, for some fast related rituals. but he says that he is busy, and asks her to come instead. she is tensed but resignedly complies. Once she leaves, samar calls the leering maid, who too flirts with him. he says that the wife is gone for a minimum of 2 hours, for the completion of the fast, and they have it for themselves. he takes her inside.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
At the dining table, dadaji is served cough med by granny. while sarojini is serving everyone, they all start talking about how rishab is a meanperson, and they shouldnt cater to him anymore. granny is unable to believe that they took a u-turn, and asks how this happened. nirjhara says that they were discussing, and they found sarojini and her to be apt, as rishab is the reason for their insults and for him, they cant show their face, and its better to be distant. sarojini eyes tensedly. sapna leaves to serve him food. she goes and then rushes down telling that he is sick and something has happened. they start playing safe, that they need to find whats happened to him, in their house. they rush to find him unconscious. bhaskar sprays water on him, and he regains consciousness. rishab says that he fainted while coming down. sarojini is extremely tensed.
RIshab and the others play a prank, wherein he pretends to have gone down on health and being severely sick. bhaskar dips the thermometer in tea, to show a rise, and then tells that he has high fever. they are least interested, and pretend to show no interest in his well being. they all leave. sarojini eyes him whimpering in sickness. sarojini finds him sick, and immediately attends to his care, by calling the doctor home for an emergency. granny comes and finds her on the call. Granny says to sarojini, as to how can she still feel sympathy for the man, who insulted her so badly. She says that she was merely doing it out of humanitarian sake, and it isnt what she thinks. granny says that humanity should be shown to those who actually deserve it. she says that she didnt understand. granny says that rishab is actually pretending, and the rest of the family is playing along too. she tells sarojini how she overheard their prank. sarojini is surprised to see this. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Granny sees rishab drinking chilled water from the fridge. she decides to tell this fake news to sarojini. she grabs her ad takes her to rishab’s room, so that they can see, that he is not in the bed. but to her surprise, she finds him there and asks how did he land here. he says that he is feeling more sick, and thinks that the doctor needs to be called again. granny asks him to accept that he was in the kitchen drinking cold water. he says that he wishes he could walk. sarojini is tensed and boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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