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Sarojini 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth and family panicking seeing dog destroying all groceries in store room. Dushyanth asks Manu to give him keys. She says she forgot where she kept it. Sarojini asks her to reminisces where all she went. She reminisces 3-4 places, and Sarojini accompanies her to search keys. Dushyanth asks servant to break lock. Manu comes back and says she forgot to search her safest place and removes keys from dress. Dushyanth opens door and shoos dog away. He yells that dog destroyed 4 months’ worth groceries. Manu blames Sarojini for the mishap and says if she had not taught her to prepare omlette wrongly, etc., this would not have happened, she was just trying to serve her husband. Daadi and Nirjhara say Manu is right, she was just serving her husband. Soumendra says

who asked her to serve him and leaves angrily. Dushyanth says from tomorrow, navratri is starting, so he will recover his loss from devi maa.

In the morning, Dushyanth forces Indira to wear devi’s attire and performs her pooja. Sarojini asks why is he forcing Indira to become devi, let her be human. He yells at her and asks to keep away. Manu comes and asks what is happening. Dushyanth says devi has come on Indira and she can pray anything to her. Manu prays to get her husband. Dushyanth asks her to go and take bath first and then come back clean for pooja. Manu says she won’t bath until she gets tea and leaves.

Pandit starts doing Indira’s pooja as devi durga. People gather for pooja. Dadaji feels sad and leaves from there. He then goes to his home and prays devi’s pic that Dushyanth and others are forcing innocent Indira to enact devi, so she should stop all this.

Sarojini feels devastated seeing Indira getting drowsing and stops people from doing her pooja. Pandit asks why is she misbehaving, she cannot stop people from performing devi’s pooja. Sarojini says Indira is a human and not devi. Pandit says she may tell that Ram and Krishna are also human and not gods. Sarojini says they were incarnations and Indira is just a human like their daughters and asks Indira not to get afraid from Dushyanth and get down.

Dushyanth stops Sarojini and asks if villagers are mad to perform Indira’s pooja since childhood. Sarojini says he is using people superstitions in his favor to extract money. Dushyanth asks to prove it that Indira is not devi. Sarojini says she will prove it in these navratri’s 9 days.

Precap: Bhaskar announces people to donate gold and diamonds and get 10 times more as devi’s reward. Sarojini asks if Indira’s devi, she would have got injuries on her feet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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