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Sarojini 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara telling daadi that she will send Soumendra and Sarojini’s food to hospital itself. Daadi yells no need to send food for murderer Sarojini. Nirjhara says Sarojini is not a murderer. Dushyanth enters and tells that Nirjhara is right, Sarojini shot Manu to save their heir Soumendra. Nirjhara says she will perform chatt pooja for Sarojini. Dushyanth says she can and says Soumendra and Sarojini are bringing Manu to take care of her with Sangram’s permission and he does not want anyone trouble them. Dadaji says he knows Sarojini is innocent and will never harm dignity of their family. Nirjhara give pumkins to Indira and asks them to distribute to neighor ladies as per chatt pooja rituals.

Soumendra and Sarojini bring comatosed Manu home. Dushyanth

asks them to take Manu to her room. Whole family takes Manu to her room and lean her on bed. Dushyanth asks everyone to leave and let Soumendra and Sarojini take care of Manu. Once everyone leaves, Sarojini reminisces shooting Manu and cries. Soumendra consoles her.

Sarojini goes to kitche to prepare food. Sapna asks her to stay away from her as she does not want to die like Manu. Sarojini feels devastated hearing this.

Nirjhara performs Soumendera’s nazar and says she does not want any evil eyes on him. She then says why did Sarojini bring Manu home after shooting her. Soumendra says she did not shoot purposefully and brought her home to correct her mistake. If she does not want Sarojini here, he will take her from here but only after Manu gets well.

Sarojini massages comatosed Manu’s wound and says she knows she can hear her, she should get well soon and forgive her, she cannot see her suffering like this.

Once Sarojini leaves, Sapna enters with moquito spray pump and tells her that this pump is more dangerous than her gun and says once she dies, she can think of taking revenge from Sarojini. She adds medicine in pump and says Manu will die slowly now. She gets out of room and thinks once Manu dies, Sarojini will go to jail.

Nirjhara tells Sarojini importance of chatt pooja that it is surya devta’s pooja and cleanliness is very important. She asks to clean terrace well. Soumendra enters and drops fruit thali by mistake. Nirjhar scolds him. He apologizes and asks if he should do situps. Nirjhara smiles and he leaves. She then tells Sarojini that their problems are because of situations and not her, she is sure she will solve all the problems. Sarojini smiles. Sapna sees them busy and thinks Manu will die in 2 hours.

Precap: Sarojini goes to Manu’s room to give her medicines. Manu is seen motionless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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