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Sarojini 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tarika bringing cabaret dancer Sangeeta home and introducing her to dadaji first. Daada shouts to get her out. Tarika continues introducing her to family members. She then throws Sangeeta over Bhaskar. Bhaskar pushes her away and says nobody can separate him from Sapna. Tarika says Sangeeta will give him children. Sarojini asks Sangeeta if she knows what she is doing. Sangeeta says yes. She then tells Bhaskar that she will give him as many children as he wants and will also entertain him.

Sangeeta starts taunting Sapna that she is waste and could not lure such a handsome man. Sarojini asks how can she misbehave with Sapna didi who is bahu of this house. Sapna slaps Sangeeta. Sangeeta starts fighting with Sapna. Sarojini tries to interfere, but Tarika stops her and says when tigress and dog is fighting, cat cannot interfere. Sangeeta bites Sapna’s wrist and she shouts in pain. Sarojini pushes Tarika and frees Sapna from Sangeeta. Sapna starts bleeding and Sarojini says let us call doc. Daadi says if they call doc, whole village will know that Dushyanth has 2 bahus. Sarojini asks Bhaskar to take Sapna to their room while she brings neem paste and turmeric oil.

Sarojini takes oil to Sapna’s room and nurses her wound. Sapna says if someone snatches her wealth, she will keep quiet but cannot see anyone snatching her husband.

Tarika encourages Sangeeta to lure Bhaskar like she lures other men and take revenge from Sapna.

Sarojini gets concerned for Soumendra and repeatedly calls him. Daadaji says he must be angry as she sent him to Delhi without his permission. Soumendra calls her just then and she asks why did not he call her as she is worried about him. Inebriated Soumendra says he is unwell and could not call. Sarojini gets more concerned and prays god to protect Soumendra.

Precap: Sangeeta lures Bhaskar with he beauty and alcohol and spends night with him. Sapna scolds Bhaskar that he also came in Tarika’s grip. Bhaskar says Tarika is doing right. Sapna pours kerosene on herself to burn herself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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