Sarojini 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini reaching back home with Mayank and Maami happily greeting her in and saying she has prepared kheer for her hearing her approval for marriage. Sarojini sadly looks at Maama. Mayank says once Sarojini gets govt teaching job of 10-6 p.m., they will marry. Maami starts praying for for their marriage.

Sarojini in her room reads Soumendra’s message and deletes it fuming that he made her lie. Soumendra sends her witty message again. She thinks why did god send this baffoon behind her.

Dushyanth’s brother-in-law/BIL still getting punished asks Dushyanth to stop his punishment. Dushyanth shouts how dare he is to bring jokers to his home with alliance. Nirjhara comes and says she thought her brother must be talking about alliance, but he is being

punished. Dushyanth asks if she called him here. She says yes. He slaps her. BIL says he cannot insult his sister like this. Dushyanth asks Bhaskar to whisk BIL. Bhaskar whisks and apologizes as he is just obeying his father’s order. Dushyanth shoos all guests and asks maama to run from here. Maama says he will go and will never come back here, not even spit at his house. Dushyanth shouts if he comes again, he will stuff his mouth with saw dust.

Nirjhara locks herself inside room and cries vigorously. Daadi with Sapna asks her to open door and says she has to obey her mother-in-law/MIL’s order. Nijrhara opens door and says Dushyanth insulted her and her brother in front of guests and how will her brother show his face in village now. It is better to die now. Daadi says she has to bring bahu for Soumendra first. Nirjhara says Dushyanth has woman qualities and will perform all rituals himself and tells don’t know which girl will come and suffer here.

Sarojini is seen telling king’s story to her cousin and imagines Soumendra as king. Cousin asks what is king’s name. She says Soumendra, then says Samar Singh. She thinks why is Soumendra disturbing her thoughts. Soumendra thinks Sarojini neither sent reply nor met him, so he will go to her house directly in the morning.

In the morning, Nirjhara serves breakfast to Dushyanth. Dushyanth feeds her roti and she starts crying. Daadi says Nijhara wants to select bahu herself. He says when she cannot select blouse for herself, how can she select bahu. His friend has found a rich man’s daughter for soumendra.

Mayank’s mom comes to Sarojini’s home with prasad and says she had been to mandir. Maama asks how come she has changed suddenly. She says today is auspicious day, so she wants to perform Sarojini and Mayank’s engagement. Maami gets happy. Maama asks why are they in a hurry. Maami says when bhabhi wants to get engagement done, why is he stopping.

Soumendra enters as a census officer. Maama gets him in. He asks who all stay here. Maama says 4 people. Sarojini comes with water for mayank’s mom. He asks if she is his daughter. Maama says she is like his daughter and is his niece, her name is sarojini. He then gives other 3 person’s names. Soumednra asks who is other lady. Maama says she is our guest. Maami says she is sarojini’s would be mother-in-law and today is sarojini’s engagement. Soumendra is shocked.

Precap: Police arrests Mayank during engagement. His mom asks what did her son do. Inspector says he tried to kill a person. Soumendra enters with bandages all over his body.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. AmandaS

    I like Soumendra, he’s taking matters into his own hands. He’s the only one who can save Sarojini from those people. I don’t understand why some say this show is disgusting. What’s disgusting about it? I’d like to know.

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