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Sarojini 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Indira trying to run from house after her family goes out. Goonga stops her. She says even she is a girl and wants to see outside world. He does not agree. She says she will break his neck if he does not let her go and tries to run, but he picks her up and takes inside house.

Maama writhes in hand pain and maami massages his hand. Door bell rings. Mayank opens door and gets irked seeing Soumendra. Maama sees Soumendra and calls him in. He asks maami to prepare tea for him. She angrily agrees. soumendra stops her and says he came to check maama. He asks mama if he does not object, he will speak to Sarojini for 2 min. Maami says sarojini is sleeping. Mama insists and she goes to call Sarojini and tells her that Soumendra is taking advantage of her leniance and

has come here. Sarojini asks her to tell she does not want to meet him. Maami says same. Maama says if it is urgent, he will call Sarojini. Soumendra says he will speak to her later and leaves.

Dushyanth with family returns from MLA’s house. He asks dada to take care of MLA’s petrol pump if he gives it in soumendra’s dowry. Nirjhara goes to Indira’s room to give her sweets and finds her missing. She sees sari tied on balcony railing and worriedly calls Dushyanth. Dushyanth with Bhaskar enters and panics seeing Indira missing. He angrily calls Goonga.

Indira escapes in auto and asks auto driver to take her away as far as he can and says she does not have money, but will give her gold earring. Dushyanth calls goonga and asks how can Indira escape when he was guarding house. Goonga signals he was away. Dushyanth orders him to speak. Goonga says he does not know. Dushyanth asks Bhaskar to get their jeep out.

Soumendra calls Sarojini and she asks him to forget her and lead a new life with his dad’s selected girl. Soumendra calls Dushyanth and tells he loves a girl from Delhi and will marry only her, so he should break alliance with MLA’s girl. Dushyanth says he is his father and he will have to follow his order, says Indira has eloped from house and he is tensed and disconnects call. Soumendra thinks why Indira eloped.

Indira continues traveling till night when auto’s petrol finishes and driver says he cannot go further. He asks her to wait inside auto and stops vehicle for help. Unfortunately, Dushyanth’s jeep stops and driver requests him to drop girl somewhere. Dushyanth walks towards auto and starts showing fake emotions seeing her. He touches her feet and asks where was her house laxmi going. He says he will beat Nijhara so that she can feel the pain and takes her in auto.

Soumendra gets call that Indira is found and he informs his friend. Friend says his dad will not accept Sarojini and will force him to marry MLA’s daughter. Soumendra says dad will and he will force him change his decision. Sarojini writes in her personal diary that even soumendra’s marriage is fixed, so she will remove him from her heart and will think him as a broken dream.

Dushyanth reaches his politician friend’s office. Politician gets happy seeing him. Dushyanth asks if his men found out who has trapped Sarojini. Politician gives him Sarojini and Soumendra’s intimate pics. Dushyanth is shocked to see Soumendra’s teacher and says she already has a boyfriend, even then she has trapped Soumendra as she knows his father is a rich man. He asks politician not to let Soumendra know that he is here and says he will teach Sarojini a lesson now.

Precap Sarojini slips and Soumendra holds her. Their eye locks. Maami gets angry seeing this and warns Sarojini to marry Mayank, else she will burn herself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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