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Sarojini 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth explaining his plan to his puppets and warning them not to let Sarojini, Dadaji and Indira know about it. Indira hears their plan and walks from there to inform Sarojini. Dushyanth hears anklet sound and sees Indira walking towards Sarojini’s room. He asks puppets to stop Indira and not let her meet Sarojini. Inidra goes to Sarojini’s room but does not see her. Sapna comes there and asks her come and help her in selecting sari. Indira thinks how to inform her and leaves a note in Soumendra’s tiffin box that Soumendra’s marriage is with Manisha and not Sarojini. Sarojini packs lunch box without noticing note.

Sarojini reaches hospital with dadaji and mama. Soumendra greets mama and gets up. Mama asks her to rest as his surgery

happened just now. He says he is fine. Tailor tries to take his measurement for sherwani. Soumendra acts as scolding him and asks Sarojini to take his measurement. Dadaji says if Dushyanth will close poor tailor’s shop if he makes mistake and takes mama from there.

Sarojini takes Soumendra’s measurement shyingly while he smilingly looks at her. Tujhme rab dikhta hai……plays in the background. She tries to bend to take pant measurement. Soumendra says not to bend as he cannot see her bending in front of anyone. Dada enters with mama and asks Soumendra how is he now. He nods yes. Mama asks Sarojini to serve Soumendra her brought food. Indira at home prays god that Sarojini sees her note on time. Sarojini opens tiffin box. Soumendra sees note, but it is wet. He thinks his family must have dropped kitchen budget note by mistake, keeps it aside and asks Sarojini to serve food.

Bhaskar comes running and says servant told nobody is here, so he came. Soumendra asks him to drop mama and dadaji. Bhaskar says mama should stay here and take care of Soumendra. Sarojini says she will stay here. Bhaskar says they both should stay. Mama says Bhaskar is telling right, he will stay here with Sarojini. Bhaskar relaxes that his plan worked and leaves with dadaji. Sarojini and Soumendra look at each other at night. Chadariya jeeli re jeeli….song..plays in the background.

At home, Dushyanth tells Dadaji he just needs children’s happiness and says he will bring soumendra directly to temple from hospital and they all can reach temple from home. Dadaji gets happy seeing Dushyanth’s changed behavior. Dushyanth thinks people say father knows son’s nature, but his father does not know him at all. Indira hears their conversation and realizes Sarojini must not have read her note.

Precap: Nirjhara tells mamaji and Sarojini that whole family is going to temple and they both can get ready and come. Dadi asks Sarojini to give her mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope sarojini find out the true very soon ?????????

  2. This show is becoming stupid and ridiculous. Frankly you writers are not portraying India well with this kind of writing. If this is being done then Indians are backward. You writers needs to write positive stories that are plausible not inhuman stories as if there is no law in your country. The unfortunate thing about you writers is that only Zee tv tolerate this stupid shows and they always refuse to listen to viewers. All these nonsense don’t happen on Sony tv shows instead they shut it down and start another one.

  3. What rubbish i find this serial such an insult to all women we as women have advanced so far . Now we are shown as being weak and helpless despite being educated. This is really wrong . We as women take 10 steps forward but shows like this make us take 100 steps backwards disgusting that is all i am saying

  4. I also endorse what the last two viewers have written, but i think the writers are showing us how in certain circles in india,this type of backward families still exist. They are probably trying to highlight this on going problem, in the hope that they realise how uneducated their thinking n lifestyles are. We live in a very mordern world….but societies like this have been left behind..n its a pity. We dont enjoy seeing serials like these but its what it is!!!! Women are empowered n educated today,they shouldnt put up with mental n psycological torture like sarojani!!!!! In these times, the daughter in law is hotter n more embolden than the mother in law……at least from where im from,……

  5. number 2 serial after KUMKUM BHAGYA

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