Sarojini 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini telling Sapna that she did not expect she would try to suicide. Sapna says she did not and reminisces incident where she enters kitchen and switches gas stove and it blasts. Sarojini asks if she saw someone around her. Sapna says she was not in her senses. Sarojini says she will find out who the culprit is.

Tarika hears their conversation and reminisces cutting gas pipe. She goes to Bhaskar’s room and orders him to convince Sapna to give police statement against them. Bhaskar asks her not to worry. He goes to Sapna’s room and starts shedding crocodile tears and apologizes for troubling her. Sapna gets emotional.

Indira tells Nirjhara that she made mistake by not obeying and marrying Samar without family’s consent. If Sarojini

would not have rescued today, she would have died. Sarojini says Indira is telling truth and Samar is a beast. She shows Indira’s back wounds. Nirjhara gets concerned for Indira.

Samar enters with his bags and asks if they will not greet damad. Since Indira does not want to stay in his house, he came to stay with her. Sarojini asks him to go. He holds Indira’s legs and pleads to forgive him. Tarika comes and gets him up and shouts at Indira to forgive her husband. Nirjhara asks Samar to get out followed by Sarojini. Samar picks him bags and walks a bit and then starts hitting his head over pole. Sarojini runs to stop him. Indira stops her and says she forgave him. He hugs her and thanks her for returning his love.

Sarojini tells Indira she needs to talk to her. Tarika shouts when husband and wife are reuniting, then who is she to interfere. Sarojini asks her to not interfere instead and takes Indira to a room and asks if she has gone mad even after seeing Samar’s cruelty. She did not know Samar well before marriage and now knows him well, even then she forgave Samar. Indira says Samar is her husband and it is her duty to forgive him. Sarojini says she respects her decision.

Sarojini takes Indira out and tells Samar she does not trust him, so Indira will stay here until he proves he has changed. Samar says he will prove that he is better husband and better damad.

Bhaskar tells Tarika and Bijli that he is confused how can Samar change so suddenly. Tarika says he did not change as Bhaskar did not change yet. Bhaskar asks what she means. She says even after knowing Sapna was pregnant, he did not change, then how will Samar change. She tells her plan and asks him to executive. One he leaves with Bijli, she calls someone and says it is time for him to come.

Precap: Soumendra beats Samar for torturing his sister. Sarojini interferes. He slaps even her and shouts to behave like a servant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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