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The episode starts with Nirjhara getting worried seeing store room lock open. Sapna tries to close it with hairpin, but could not. She then stuffs dough in hole, presses lock, and says Dushyanth will not know if he opened lock by key or it was already open now. Nirjhara relaxes. Sapna asks her to now think of malpua/sweet in her room.

Dushyanth takes Soumendra to meet his state minister. Minister praises that he became ministered because of Dushyanth and can do anything for him. He says once Soumendra gets his degree, he will get him married to a minister’s son and soon he will be MLA and Dushyanth chief minister of his state. Soumendra jokes if Dushyanth will be minister or grandfather. Minister asks what kind of girl he needs. He describes sarojini’s qualities reminiscing her.

Dushyanth says he needs educated girl, but he is weak in studies. Soumendra says he told his choice, rest is up to him. Minister says both and says boy is very intelligent and will become minister in the future for sure.

Soumendra sees his friends on bike and asks Dushyanth to go to his hotel room while he discusses studies with them and come back. Dushyanth asks them to study well. While riding, Soumendra sees Mayank and starts ragging him and says if he wants to prove his love for Sarojini, he needs to inscribe her name on his hand. Mayank says he does not love Sarojini and just wants to marry and bear children with her, if he needs he can inscribe her name on his hand and runs from there. Soumendra records his confession and thinks of showing it to Sarojini and make her realize that her boyfriend is a spineless joker.

Sarojini’s cousin byhearts his homework without knowing its meaning. Sarojini suggests him to know the meaning first and then byheart. Maami brings milk and bread and asks him to have it. He insists to have kachori. Maami yells at him that she is having headache already and now he is troubling her. Sarojini says she will prepare kachori. Maama says her studies are important. She says she will prepare it soon and goes to kitchen. Mayank comes there and maama taunts that he came back after getting insulted. Maami asks him to sit and orders Sarojini to prepare exta kachoris for Mayank. Mayank says he just came to speak to Sarojini, goes into kitchen, and says she can marry him later, but should inscribe his name on her hand to show her love towards him. She is surprised to hear that. He says she needs her decision by tomorrow and leaves.

Bhaskar wanders outside house. Daadaji asks what is he doing. He says he is guarding house on Dushyanth’s order. Daadji asks him not to become like his father. Bhaskar says he cannot deny dad’s order. Dadaji says do whatever he likes and sleeps. Bhaskar eagerly waits for Sapna’s kathal korma and malpua.

Soumendra and his friend get up at midnight hearing Dushyanth’s snoring. They try to silence him, but he wakes up and asks to let him sleep as he has a train journey tomorrow and he won’t be sleeping in train. Soumendra then goes to terrace and starts looking at Sarojini’s pics.

Sarojini reads a romantic poem and thinks people write whatever they like. She looks at moon and imagines herself and Soumendra in it. She gets shy and thinks it is because of romantic novel and she will return it to her friend tomorrow.

Precap: Sarojini sees Soumendra showing Mayank’s clip to class students. She snatches mobile to show it to principal. During their tussle, Soumendra pushes her and she falls on wall and falls down unconscious injured.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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