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Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Sarojini’s daadi tells rishab that she shouldnt hve put the matter of debt in sarojini’s mind. He deliberates over it, and then asks if he should go and ask her to stay indoors but not go outside. He asks if he should go but maai and he start cribbing as to how she is rude, arrogant and obnoxious. She thinks that its good that she didnt thank him. He thinks that he hut her. she storms in. he goes in after her. As she stomps ahead, he comes and apologises saying that he was merely joking, as he cant say wrong about her to anyone. she turns around, and says that she erely wanted to thank him for what he did, but now she wont, as he doesnt deserve it, as he wants to be friends, but actually he bad mouths about her behind her back. She asks

him not to get into her family affairs, and thanks him for his help, but asks him to keep away from her and her matters. He apologises fervently, and again vehemently tries to prove his innocence, but she demands to be left alone, and is about to walk ahead, when he grbs her by the pallu, and she trips, throwing the plate of puja on the floor, alarming everyone. she fumes, and slaps him tight across his face, while all are aghast and shocked. he too stands stunned, while she asks him how dare he touch her saree, and claims to be a noble, and sophisticated person, but actually he is a scumag. he tries to clarify, but she orders to step out of the house rightaway, as they made the biggest mistake by making him a PG, and refuses to listen to anything. he leaves. Family gathers around her. bhaskar reprimands her for being so rash and selfish, and she says that they should be scolding him and not her. he says that he knew, that she would fume, as she presumes that she is always right. She enters into a verbal arguement with bhaskar. Dadi tells her that she is wrong in her thinking. she then tells her that actually her pallu had gotten stuck in the pinhole, and he was merely being a gentleman by pulling it out, which she totally misunderstood. she is aghast. bhaskar says that he isnt just hurt but humiliated, as she slapped him. They all start reprimanding sarojini, while she feels terribly guilty of what happened. she says that she had no clue of what happened, and how wrong she was. Bhaskar says that for her, its all a misunderstanding, but now if he leaves, then she would pay for the losses. His wife asks if they shall let him go. he asks her not to dare speak like this again, without thinking, as they cant afford to lose him at any cost. she says that since she has made the mistake, she doesnt mind apologising too. She leaves.

Inside his room, Rishab fumes and is angry, while talking animatedly to the Krishna idol, as to why did he have to face this, since a woman has hit him, for the first time, and that too when he isnt at fault, and that there is no good left in the world. He asks the lord, if he should go now, and if he has to, then how would he finish what he came here for. Meanwhile, he paces around nervously, while getting an SMS from his father, asking the address of the hotel where he is putting up. He woners what to tell him now. He thinks that he would land in great trouble, if he knows that he is in Thakur Soumendra’s room. Just then, bhaskar comes in with her, and apologises on her behalf, as she has realised her mistake. She steps in, and apologises, while he asks if she now knows everything. He keeps getting an sms alert from his father. He asks her to let be, as these are trivial matters. but bhaskar insists on getting a proper apology. She hesitatingly apologises saying that she didnt do anything intentionally.In his hurried and nervous state, he pays half attention to what sarojini is saying, and storms out, with the suitcase. they all think that sarojini’s mistake costed them dearly. Sarojini tells bhaskar that she tried but he isnt listening. He doesnt listen to anything, but now she has to salvage it anyhow. Bhaskar is fuming. They both rush after him.

Downstairs, daadi condemns sarojini’s behaviour, while all are tensed. Bhaskar complains about sarojini. all are tensed and worried. Sarojini swears that she shall get him back in the house. Bhaskar asks her disbelievingly how, taunting her about the same. Sarojini says that she cant go, as she has to meet neetu first regarding the murder case, as she has an imp clue, and after she meets her, she shall call him up, and apologise for her behaviour, and get him back. She says that she shall get him back and goes out. She finds rishab booking for a hotel room, and also for a prior booking for 4 days, promising to fill the extra charges incurred, and understands tht he is actually leaving, and wonders whether the reason behind it is her behaviour or something else, and is determined to find out. She then asks to herself whether she actually spoke so badly, that he is so upset. She too goes after him, as he drives off in the car. he decides to prioritise meeting neetu first. she gets an auto.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, on the road, someone tries Rishab’s number, and when noone responds, she asks the driver to turn the car around. he complies. Then she gets his call, apologising for not being able to pick up the ph. He then asks her what brings her here. She says that she had some work from him, but refuses to divulge him over phone. He asks why is she bothering. She asks him to message where is he staying, so that she can catch up. He complies, but is tensed.

Meanwhile, sarojini too hurries to meet neetu. Sarojini’s auto barely escapes an accident from an oncoming car, and she steps out of the auto in shock, as the car drives past rashly, having Rishab’s aunt inside it. The car is stopped at a police checkpost, that warrants them for rash driving, and the lady steps out trying to bribe the officer, but he maintains his honest stance. She asks if he would actually do that, as he doesnt know, who she is. he says that he isnt scared of her threats, and that she shall be charged with a Chalaan. she mocks him for his honesty. He says that its useless, and if she doesnt stop, then he shall charge her with bribery. she decides to deal with him, and places a call. But sarojini stops her, and she is asked how dare she touch her. sarojini asks how dare she threaten a police officer who is honest. The screen freezes on her angry face.

Precap: Sarojini arrives at the hotel, and enquires about rishab’s room number, oblivious of the lady being his aunt. Meanwhile, in the room, she asks rishab to tell the truth as to where he was actually staying. He says the truth. She asks why. He says that he doesnt just mean to turn the case in her favour, but to win it too. Just then, sarojini after much searching steps in, and they are shocked. Sarojini eyes them tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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