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Sarojini 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra coming out of registrar’s office after getting house registered in family’s name. Sarojini goes to kitchen yelling family has forgotten her birthday. Nirjhara comes in and Sarojini asks why did she come here. Nirjahra says to prepare gulab jamoon. Sarojini gets happy that she remembers her birthday. Nirjhara says to celebrate when India wins. Sarojini gets sad.

Soumendra comes to room and keeps solitaire ring in cupboard silentl. Sarojini comes and he tries to kiss her. She pushes him and asks to kiss cricket players. She then walks towards cupboard to pick her mobile, but he tries to stop her. She pushes him, opens cupboard, and sees ring box. She gets happy seeing ring and asks if he remembered what is on 20th. He says it is for

Indira. She returns it and goes out angrily. At night, she sees Soumendra sound asleep and yells he is sleeping peacefully leaving her sad. She asks what is tomorrow. He asks if there is any festival. She tries to remind him repeatedly and he gives weird answers. She pushes him out of bed and shouts to go and sleep outside. Soumendra goes and sleeps on sofa smirking.

In the morning, Sarojini thinks of herself reminding family about her birthday. She goes down and asks family what is special today. Sapna says even she thinks something is there, must be birthday. Bhaskar says today is India-Pakistan match. Nirjhara sees Soumendra sleeping on sofa and asks Sarojini why is he sleeping here. She says he was feeling warm, so he came here. She calls her aunt and loudly thanks her for wishing and asks if mama brought gift and thanks for bringing gift beforehand. Family continues to act.

Soumendra gathers family and distributes work, asks Nirjhara to prepare cuisines and cake, Bhaskar to decorate home, etc.. Indira comes with Samar holding gift and calls Sarojini loudly. Sarojini comes down happily and says at least she remembered. Soumendra stops Indira and says she has come to watch India-Pakistan match. Indira and Samar nod yes. Sarojini gets sad. Soumendra tells Sarojini that he has some important work and will come back soon. she hopes he should not go and be with her whole day. He leaves waving her bye.

Sarojini and Soumendra promote serial’s new time change to 6 p.m. from 28th March.

Precap: Soumendra meets with an accident. Sarojini holds him and shouts to call ambulance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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