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Sarojini 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tarika bua going to cabaret dancer’s home (kotha). Dancer dances sensuously on Mera wallah jhalla…song…Inebriated men throw money bundles on her and fight that she will go with them. Tarika throws many more bundles on her and says she will go with her now. Men yell for the first time, woman is taking another woman.

Indira calls Sarojini and asks her to come and meet her immediately. Sarojini asks what happened. Indira says she cannot tell her on phone and insists to come. Sarojini agrees and informs Nirjhara.

Tarika takes dancer to a boutique and asks her to select clothes and jewelry and rechristens her name as Sangeeta. Dancer selects colourful dancer type clothes. Tarika says she should buy sober clothes according to her name and says she will give her more money if she obeys her. Boutique owner asks Tarika why did she bring kothe wali/cabaret dancer. Tarika says it is none of his business.

Sarojini reaches Indira’s home. Samar opens door and asks how come she is here. She says Indira called her. Samar says Indira went to meet them as she was feeling lonely. Sarojini says she did not reach home and calls Indira, but her phone is switched off. She asks him to give water. He takes her in and gives water. She drinks water and leaves. Samar then opens room and gets Indira out it and gifts her sari. He asks why did she call Sarojini and orders her to call Sarojini and lie. Indira calls Sarojini and tells she met her friend on the way and took her to show her home. Sarojini asks if she is fine. Indira says yes. Sarojini tells Nirjhara that Indira is fine.

Sapna cries in front of Bhaskar that she cannot tolerate Tarika’s taunts for not having children. Bhaskar says he married her and cannot see tears in her eyes and if she cries again, he will kill himself. He will be with her always no matter if they have children or not.

Tarika brings dancer home. Daadi asks who is she. Tarika says Bhaskar’s new wife.

Precap: Dancer and Sapna fight. Sarojini tries to interfere, but Tarika holds her and shouts there is no role of monkey in 2 dog’s fight.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why so many people afraid of Tarika,dont take long to overpower lock her up in a room until she agrees to be normal.

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