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Sarojini 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Susie/Sarojini asking Manu if she is ready to sell her husband for 100 crores. Manu looks in a shock. Susie shows her flight tickets, visa, international debit cards, etc., and asks to select between all this and Soumedra. Manu says she will choose Soumendra, then says she would have, but he betrayed her, so she will chose 100 crores and rest. Soumendra acts as shocked and asks what is she saying. Manu says he betrayed her, so she does not need him.

Susie says she has to sign her and Soumendra’s divorce papers. Manu takes papers. Soumendra acts not to sign. Susie says she can see London, Pari, New york, Japan, etc., and at least 2 cities each month. Manu asks why she is wasting her 100 crores for Soumendra. Susie says she likes Indian men. Manu asks

where to sign. Soumendra shows and says she should not sign though. Manu signs and says she wants to travel the world.

Manu packs her bags and signs in front of family. Dushyanth comes and Manu sees he came on right time, she needs her blessings. He asks she wanted to marry, then what happened now. She says she wants to see world first and then marry. He says marriage can happen anytime, world tour is important. Daadi asks what is he telling. Dushyanth says he is Manu’s sasur and not asur/rakshas to ruin her happiness.

Manu says good bye to everyone. Dushyanth thinks he will get Soumendra to marry Susie and grab her 4000 crores. Bhaskar asks her to send flight pics, he will at least get happy seeing it. Daadi feeds her sweet curd, but bowl falls. Nirjhara says it is abshagun and Manu may not come back. Manu says she will not come back and will enjoy world tour and leaves. Dushyanth thinks big panauti/inauspious is gone.

Dushyanth sees Susie coming and acts as crying vigorously that Manu left forever. Susie consoles him. Dushyanth says Soumendra married twice but did not get wife’s hapiness. Susie asks to believe in god, good girl will come in Soumendra’s life soon. Dushyanth continues his drama and asks Susie if she will hold Soumendra’s hand and marry him. Susie says yes. Dushyanth starts dreaming of becoming Pratapgarh’s raja with 500 crore foreign currency and enjoying grapes from servant’s hands. Susie wakes him up and asks what happened. He says grapes and then says he accepts her offer. Dadaji asks he to take Soumndra’s opinion. Soumendra says yes. Dadi says Susie and their cultures are different. Dushyanth says when hearts unite, compatibility will come automatically. Susie/Sarojini thinks Dushyanth will be in a shock soon. Dushyanth says their haldi will happen along with Indira’s.

Precap: Dushyanth asks Susie to give 20 lakhs in shagun before haldi. Soumendra and Susie get tensed thinking how to arrange 20 lakhs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. josphine muthoni

    even if they dont arrange the cash i think with manu signing devorce papers all gona be well very soon…i like the update

  2. It’s pay back time

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